Top 10 Machine Learning and AI Research Labs in Europe
While most of the research we’ve heard about over the past year has revolved around vaccines and COVID-19, AI has seen some monumental developments as well. Europe is home to many exciting research labs and universities that are pushing the bounds of AI, machine and deep... Read more
Never Wait for a Job to Start Working in Data Science
You finally finished that college CS degree, completed hundreds of hours of training online, got your certifications, or simply have the skills you need to transition. The bottom line is, you are ready to start working in data science, an incredibly exciting field. And then, you... Read more
Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this May
May has come, bringing with it not only flowers and seasonal allergies, but also new live and on-demand training sessions from Ai+ Training. Subscribers to Ai+ Training will get immediate access to on-demand sessions and exclusive discounts to virtual live data science training sessions. Upcoming Live... Read more
Adversarial Image Explanation Through Alibi
Deep learning-based computer vision has plenty of real-life applications. In particular, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures are commonly used across multiple CV tasks as they have high accuracy. But their strength leads also to a weakness point, as a little perturbation to an input image/frame can... Read more
Tips to Supplement a Machine Learning Certificate in the Job Market
Certifications are taking the place of college degrees or experience in some situations. Getting a machine learning certificate, for example, can help people make a lateral move to a different field, supplement existing education, and prove mastery of in-demand skills. However, a certificate isn’t a guaranteed... Read more
Binary Logistic Regression Overview
Predictive modeling (or machine learning) can be challenging to understand and use because there is no one algorithm that would work the best for every problem. Therefore, you have to apply different methods for your prediction, evaluate their performance, and only then select the strongest algorithm.... Read more
User Engagement and Activity Histogram Analysis
User engagement is one of the best indicators that people love the product they use. You can improve user engagement if you can define and scale it. User engagement can mean any interaction with your product or it could also be a list of specific actions... Read more
Call for ODSC West 2021 Speakers and Content Committee Members
ODSC West 2021 is gearing up for this fall and we want you to speak at the event! We’re going hybrid this year – meaning there will be a focus on the in-person component and also a virtual side – so you have options of how... Read more
Correlation Analysis 101 in Python
Hello everyone! Do you realize it’s spring already? I’m almost ready to celebrate the holiday of flowers, but first: another data analysis practice for you today that will make your life easier (or at least more interesting, hopefully). Do you ever receive questions like: – Does... Read more
Bonus Events and Networking Coming to ODSC Europe 2021
Although ODSC Europe is an ideal conference for building new in-demand and job-ready skills in machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and much more, it is also much more than that. ODSC Europe 2021 this June 8th-10th also features several networking opportunities that will bring you together... Read more