Art with AI: Turning photographs into artwork with Neural Style Transfer
Introduction: The line between machine & artist becomes blurred While AI has proved superior at complex calculations & predictions, creativity seemed to be the domain which machines can’t take over. As Artificial Intelligence begins to generate stunning visuals, profound poetry & transcendent music, the nature of art & the... Read more
Announcing the AI+ Data Science Live Training Subscription Service
It’s no secret that the data science and AI industries are both rapidly advancing and highly competitive. As a result, it’s essential for data scientists to be building their knowledge base and learning new skills and technologies. To facilitate this, we are thrilled to announce that we will be... Read more
Getting Started with Pandas
Pandas is a popular data analysis library built on top of the Python programming language. It assists with common manipulations for data cleaning, joining, sorting, filtering, deduping, and more. First released in 2009, pandas now sits as the epicenter of Python’s vast data science ecosystem and is an essential... Read more
Could Your Machine Learning Model Survive the Crisis: Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Mitigation Part 2
This is the second part of my blog posts on machine learning monitoring. In the first part, we listed the four questions we are trying to address in a model monitoring setup. We discussed the first two on how to detect functionality degradation of a model in production, as... Read more
A Look Into ODSC West 2020 Focus Areas
This October 27-30, ODSC West Virtual will be focusing on the topics that are trending in data science in 2020 and into 2021. Although you might have heard about some of these focus areas a lot over the last year or so, they are constantly evolving and pushing the... Read more
Final ODSC Europe 2020 Schedule Released! See it here
The ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Conference is coming up this September 16-19 and we’ve announced the full schedule. Here are a few of the training sessions, workshops, talks, and events that we’re excited about. Wednesday: For 3-day and 4-day... Read more
Removing Items From a Set – remove(), pop(), and difference
Python has a rich collection of built-in data structures. These data structures are sometimes called “containers” or “collections” because they contain a collection of individual items. These structures cover a wide variety of common programming situations. In this recipe, we’ll look at how we can update a set by removing or replacing... Read more
Why I Love Keras and Why You Should Too
I started working with Deep Learning (DL) in the 2016 – 2017 time frame when the framework ecosystem was much more diverse and fragmented than it is today. Theano was the gold standard at the time, Tensorflow had just been released, and DeepLearning4j was still being built. Both Theano... Read more
The Ultimate Free Machine Learning Development Stack
4 tools, 0 dollars, everything you’ll need Keeping up with data science’s intense pace of innovation is difficult for all of us. This problem is only compounded with the loss of a job, which comes with the loss of business problems to apply data science and machine learning to,... Read more
Introduction to PyCaret
In this article, I’d like to introduce a new machine learning library for Python called PyCaret. PyCaret is touted as a low-code resource for data scientists that aims to reduce the “hypothesis to insights cycle time” in a machine learning experiment. It enables data scientists to perform end-to-end experiments quickly... Read more