2017 ODSC Data Science Award: scikit-learn

The ODSC Team was thrilled to present scikit-learn the Outstanding Data Science Project award, East, in Boston on May 5th. 

Scikit-learn has been instrumental in making high quality machine learning algorithms more accessible to countless data scientists, students and practitioners.  As an active ongoing project it has made a tremendous contribution to the open source data science community.

Andreas Mueller collected the prize on behalf of the scikit-learn team at ODSC East on May 5th. Andreas is a Lecturer at Columbia University’s Data Science Institute and a core-developer of scikit-learn.

Scikit-learn is a popular, open source library, specifically focused on machine learning in Python. It is an easy to use, very well documented, full-featured library that covers all aspects of machine learning. It is supported by an active community, new models and techniques are continuously added. 

If you would like to find out more about scikit-learn and contribute please visit the project site.

We are excited to present another ODSC Open Source Award in November at ODSC West 2017 in San Francisco!

To help us select our nominees for West, click here and nominate your favorite open source tools, contributors, and libraries.