Bye Bye Big Data Era, the Insight Era is Here Bye Bye Big Data Era, the Insight Era is Here
For the last decade, we’ve ridden the roller coaster of big data. We’ve developed tools to mine, structure, and visualize data... Bye Bye Big Data Era, the Insight Era is Here

For the last decade, we’ve ridden the roller coaster of big data. We’ve developed tools to mine, structure, and visualize data in ways never before possible. We’ve refined machine learning and artificial intelligence to discover amazing use cases for data that were not previously clear to the naked eye. We lived through the “Big Data Era” and now it is time to welcome the “Insight Era.” Having massive amounts of data no longer makes you special. Data is everywhere and the abundance of data at our fingertips is often overwhelming. It’s time to dig into what the data means and how it can provoke action. What actionable insights can be presented to key stakeholders? How do we make insights palatable so they are actually impactful?

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At Revibe Technologies, we started in 2015 as solely a hardware device company. We created a vibration reminder wristband to help prompt users to get back on-task. We saw remarkable gains in on-task behavior from this device using manual observation, but we quickly realized the industry of focus and attention needed more. We needed more. Our customers needed more. Once our devices left the door, we had no visibility into how they were being used. Parents and teachers had no visibility into how the device was affecting their child. That was when it became clear that we needed to collect data in order to provide actionable, palatable insights to our customers and to be on the leading edge of research on focus and attention. 

Big Data Era

Four years of research and development later, in 2019, Revibe Technologies launched its second product, Revibe Connect. Except this time, we have data. Revibe Connect has the same foundation as the original Revibe: it sends vibration reminders to the wrist of the user to help them increase their time spent on-task. Since this new device is able to collect over 600,000 data points per user per day, the vibration reminder algorithm can now automatically adapt to the unique needs of its user. This data is also fed into supervised machine learning models to provide insights into the student’s school day and presents this information in an easy to read dashboard where key stakeholders can review and take action. This platform not only helps the user gain metacognitive awareness to increase on-task behavior, but now parents, teachers, and clinicians have a centralized location for student data to gauge progress, test interventions, and customize protocols for the student’s unique needs.

Big Data Era

Instead of being solely a hardware company, Revibe spent the last 4 years transforming into a data-driven company. First, came a data-driven product. We surveyed our customers, held focus groups, and picked up the phone for cold calls to find out what our customers wanted and what they needed in a behavioral intervention tool. We used customer feedback to spearhead product development and once we realized the power of this data, we took the leap to start leveraging data and analytics horizontally across the entire organization.

Our leadership team started leveraging data to drive decision making and to guide the product roadmap to reduce time and capital wasted on objectives that don’t resonate with our target market. Our marketing team has leveraged data to gain insights on how leads convert into customers to optimize the purchase flow. Our operations team can better forecast customer service and inventory needs based on our database of information. 

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Leveraging data and ultimately focusing on the insights that data provides, has not only increased our organization’s efficiency, but these insights have led to more revenue generation and a higher company valuation. Our main goal has and always will be to provide our customers with a solution to a common problem. We continue to be customer-focused, and by leveraging machine learning to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, we can now provide a smarter and more personalized platform. We started by simply providing a wristband to help increase time spent on-task for kids that struggle to focus. Then, we created a behavioral intervention tool that also collects data to help drive decision making. Now, we can also provide actionable, palatable insights to key stakeholders to help personalize interventions and treatments to the unique needs of that specific child. Instead of “your child spends 60% of their school day on-task,” we can now tell parents and teachers things like, “your child spends 60% of their school day on-task, this is why, and this is how you can help them improve in the future.”

It’s no longer just about having data, the Insight Era is here.

Gwen Campbell

Gwen Campbell

Gwen Campbell is the Director of Product & Data at Revibe Technologies, and has dedicated her career to helping children with special needs and their families since 2015. An engineer by training and altruistic at heart, Gwen leaped at the opportunity to join Revibe's mission to improve the quality of life of others. In her spare time, she loves being surrounded by loved ones, animals, and nature. Website: www.revibetech.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gwen-campbell-07b270103/