Why Consumers Should Trust Companies with Their Data
Hugo Pinto is an asthmatic. He’s aware of the environmental triggers that can induce an asthma attack, but he wasn’t satisfied with the option that faces most asthmatics: wait until an attack happens, and treat the symptoms once it does. At a hackathon, Pinto teamed up with other developers... Read more
Real-Life Robocop: How NLP Is Fighting Financial Crime
Introduction “There used to be a point where chatbots could barely understand slang. Now, they’re able to recognize numerous languages and styles.” The amazing progress artificial intelligence has made in human language processing fascinates Kfir Bar, chief scientist at Basis Technology. For years, Bar has explored the gambit of... Read more
The Data of Disease: How Pharma is Using Data to Improve Vaccine R&D
Vaccines traditionally take decades to develop. Duccio Medini and his colleagues at GlaxoSmithKline are looking for ways to change that. Duccio Medini addressed attendees at ODSC London 2018 in a half-hour lecture on how data science is integrating with vaccination research, speeding up the development process and enabling researchers... Read more
Brain Meets Machine: How DataSine is Merging Psychology and Data Science
Igor Volzhanin, CEO of AI-driven marketing strategy group DataSine, gave a talk at ODSC London 2018 on the framework that his company uses to target end users with content tailored to their unique personality profiles. DataSine intersects data science with modern psychological approaches to predict what content users will... Read more
Data Scientists as Jackalopes — Not Unicorns: Insight from Jesús Rogel-Salazar
Data scientists shouldn’t be hailed as unicorns — they’re more like jackalopes, Jesús Rogel-Salazar said in the final moments of ODSC Europe 2018. Rogel-Salazar presented a basic introduction to data science and its practical business applications during the Europe conference’s final timeslot. He said over-exaggerated perceptions of data science... Read more
Meet the Leader of a Data-Driven Work Culture: The Data Science Manager
What does it take to build a data-driven culture at a company? Surely, you’d expect hiring a few people with technical skills would make a monumental difference. But Google Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov says the true key to building a data-driven culture is hiring a data science manager —... Read more
Three Machine Learning Practices That Keep Your Identity Safe
As privacy concerns escalate in the age of big data, developers constantly evolve artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to protect individuals’ identities. Machine learning systems enable businesses to more effectively identify fraud and keep user information safe. These systems gather data that can provide much more powerful insights... Read more
Machine Learning Brings a New Era in the Energy Sector
(This article is co-authored with Rajiv Dinesh) For more than a century, the energy sector has been driven by centralized grid-based systems. But 135 years after the advent of these systems, millions of people are still left behind with insufficient or no electricity. One just needs to visit a developing... Read more
Six Big Companies That Use Visual Search
Companies that use visual search are able to achieve next-level ease and opportunity for people trying to figure things out. Searching with images allows people to find what they’re looking for without having the words to describe it. This is a powerful modern affordance, especially for those who don’t... Read more
How Entertainment and Social Media Giants are Using Machine Learning
Major names in social media didn’t get there by accident. In addition to their excellent products, marketing, and sales strategies, machine learning is a huge part of the backbone that makes many of their processes successful. Facebook, Twitter, among other names you’ve definitely heard of have become the powerhouses... Read more