What Does Facebook’s Blenderbot 2.0 Mean for the Future of AI?
Facebook has had a hand in artificial intelligence (AI) development since its early stages. Think back to photo tagging on Facebook. While Facebook’s old technology used to incorrectly tag users in photos, the implementation of AI technology streamlined the process and made photo tagging more accurate.... Read more
10 Indian AI Startups To Watch in 2021
Thanks to government initiatives and Silicon Valley moving offices to the area, India is a hotbed for artificial intelligence development, including healthcare startups.  It’s an area to watch because the next most exciting artificial intelligence startup will come from here. Let’s take a look at a... Read more
10 India-Based AI Startups Changing Healthcare
Although Silicon Valley attracts tons of attention in the artificial intelligence world, other countries are quietly and effectively revolutionizing multiple industries using AI. India has produced many exciting AI healthcare startups, especially those whose missions lie in making healthcare more affordable, more accurate, and more portable... Read more
How to Establish a Successful, Sustainable, and Scalable Data Science and AI Capability within an Organization
Editor’s note: Alex is a speaker for ODSC APAC 2021. Check out his talk, “How to Establish a Successful, Sustainable and Scalable Data Science and AI Capability within an Organisation,” there! With so much interest in data science, with all the promises of AI, and with... Read more
4 Must-Know Gray Areas of Data Privacy and Ownership
Data is the world’s most valuable resource. The digital revolution has provided an ever-growing wealth of information about people that can help optimize businesses, accelerate research and personalize virtually everything. As more organizations look to capitalize on this information, though, questions of data privacy arise. One... Read more
Data Science’s Great Compression and its Next Frontier
In US history, the period after the great depression became known as the Great Compression. It was a time when things like income inequality reduced, and households became much more prosperous and able to maneuver financially within the market. Much like that period of history, data... Read more
Data Science for Risk Management in a Global Market
Monetizing in a global market is challenging. Many organizations hope that by the time an opportunity arises, they’ll have a plan in place to handle both the risk and opportunity of monetizing any new market  by using data science for risk management Prabhu Sadasivam’s 2019 talk... Read more
Top 5 Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare
Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), where computer systems independently find solutions to complex problems using recurring patterns in databases. Put differently, machine learning helps IT systems to recognize patterns from existing algorithms and datasets, then go ahead and develop appropriate solutions.... Read more
Expanding Nonprofit Workforce with Deep Learning
If you were going to ask the person next to you for money, what would you want to know about them? According to David Woodruff of MIT and Rich Palmer of Gravyty, this is a vital question in a 400 billion dollar industry. When you think... Read more
What is a Data Hero to Do?
Data Heroes face many challenges today because data is everywhere!  The data ecosystem continues to expand, is more distributed – on-premises, in the cloud, in-stream, on-edge – and more varied than ever.  Business needs are driving new demands from analytics and AI, and these needs all... Read more