Beyond IoT: Building Decentralized, Intelligent Infrastructure
As I wrote recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been experiencing, at a minimum, some serious growing pains.  This is particularly true for consumer IoT where a lot of old issues (interoperability) remain, while others (security) are becoming more concerning.  With a few bright exceptions, many consumer IoT products solve... Read more
When the Bubble Bursts…
Consider the following facts: NIPS submission are up 50% this year to ~4800 papers. There is significant evidence that the process of reviewing papers in machine learning is creaking under several years of exponentiating growth. Public figures often overclaim the state of AI. Money rains from the sky on ambitious... Read more
Google Announces New AI Ethos Following Project Maven Debacle
Google will cease work on the US Defense Department’s Project Maven when its contract expires next year, ending a controversial partnership between the tech giant and the military. The ensuing controversy has captivated data scientists and the public, embroiling the company in the ongoing debate about the ethics of... Read more
“America First” Meets AI: White House Announces Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence
The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, announced by the White House in May, will bring together leaders from several federal agencies to pursue an “America first” agenda for AI development. “The age of artificial intelligence is here,” said Michael Kratsios, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer, “And with it, the... Read more
Visualizing IoT
Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat. — Robert Heinlein Those of you who know me from my technical, nerdy life know that I love protocols. It’s true. I simply adore bits, bytes, request messages, responses, ACKs, and message bodies. I take great pleasure from looking... Read more
4 Ways AI is Transforming the Healthcare Industry
AI in healthcare will not replace doctors; rather, AI will assist them to perform more effectively. Healthcare is a must-have for humans as it directly deals with their quality of life. Every health care institution focuses on avoiding even the slightest of errors. Asny mistake with helathcare can lead... Read more
GDPR: What data scientists and CIOs need to know
Tomorrow, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in the member states of the European Union, in what may be the most extensive piece of data privacy legislation thus far in the history of data legislation. Aimed at empowering EU citizens with greater control over their digital... Read more
How to Develop a Blockchain Strategy: a Roadmap
Knowing what blockchain is and how it can contribute to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges is one thing; knowing how to develop a blockchain strategy is another thing altogether. Meanwhile, understanding how to implement a blockchain strategy within your business is even more difficult. Blockchain, particularly when... Read more
Big Data Can Help Control Population
Now, if we told you that you need not worry about the increasing population, would you be surprised? Well, now that we have big data for population control, the surprise has only begun. An increasing population has a direct effect on the development of any country. Most of the... Read more
4 Ways Big Data is Impacting the World of e-Commerce
Big data in e-commerce assists businesses in personalizing services, predicting trends, forecasting requirements, amongst other functionalities, to improve customer experience and increase sales. In the digital age, the number smartphone users are on a rise. With such a hike, the market base for e-commerce portals is also increasing. The number... Read more
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