5 AI Management Tools for Business Leaders
In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI is no longer just a buzzword but a critical tool for enhancing business operations for leaders who find themselves constantly overextended. For many organizations, especially startups and small businesses, the cost of enterprise-grade AI tools can be a barrier... Read more
6 Ways to Use Generative AI in Finance
Everyone is paying close attention to how AI is affecting a variety of domains, but none more than finance. That’s because the field of finance has already embraced many AI-related technologies and innovations such as machine learning, NLP, big data analytics, and predictive modeling. But that... Read more
How To Unlock Trust and Success Before You Start an AI Project
Editor’s note: Cal Al-Dhubaib is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Designing AI Systems for Trust,” there to learn more about how to start an AI project! As AI becomes integral to business strategy, many organizations are... Read more
How to Organize and Motivate a Biotech Data Science Team
Editor’s note: Eric Ma, PhD is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Data Science in the Biotech/Pharma Research Organization,” there! How can we organize a team of data scientists for maximum impact, and how do we keep... Read more
Hiring Today’s AI Users: Lessons From 10 Years of Leading Data Science Teams
In this ever-evolving landscape of management and technology, one thing will always be true: Within every company, there exists both builders and users. While a small percentage of employees today are tasked with designing frameworks and models, the vast majority of the workforce operates as AI... Read more
Where are AI Investments Going in 2024?
Because AI continues to be a hotbed for innovation, it’s no wonder that investment in the field has exploded in recent years. So far, this year, it is no different. Several major players are making significant investments in AI hoping to capitalize on its potential to... Read more
Getting Up to Speed as a New Data Science Manager – an Optimization Problem
Pursuing a data science leadership position as an outside hire is reserved for the crazy, the optimistic; the brave, or perhaps just the brashly confident. Because once hired, new managers must learn along numerous axes very quickly. The business domain, the data, the individual contributors, the... Read more
A Structured Approach to Quality Assurance for AI Product Development: 2024 Guide
Editor’s note: Kevin Rohling is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Conversational Data Intelligence: Transforming Data Interaction and Analysis,” there! Welcome to 2024! I find that every new year is a fun time to review what I’ve... Read more
Sustainability and Data Analytics: Missed Opportunities Due to Integration Failures
Data scientists only witness the green power of data analytics with smart integrations. There is publicly known potential, with more strategies yet to be discovered for how data can decarbonize and optimize for net-zero and circular targets. How do these integration failures manifest, and how can... Read more
How is Generative AI Transforming Healthcare Provider’s Engagement With EHR and EMR Systems?
Let’s see some captivating facts first. The generative AI market in healthcare peaked at over $1 billion in 2022. Forecasts show a growth of 36.7% from 2023 to 2030. A study shows that administrative expenditure in the healthcare sector accounts for approximately 15–30% in the US.... Read more