Why Does Every Organization Need a Cloud Management Platform?
The world is constantly evolving. As time goes by, more and more technologies are invented to make the gathering, storing, organizing, and analyzing of information much more efficient for businesses. Cloud computing is a much more recent development to intelligence. It’s grown more popular over the... Read more
Using Data Science to Develop a Winning Business Strategy Part 1
What role should data science teams have when creating a great business strategy that makes competitors irrelevant? The answer lies in an application of Blue Ocean Strategy, a set of concepts developed by W. Chan Kim and Reneé Mauborgne (2015) in their famous book by that... Read more
Recent Case Study Highlights How AI Can Reduce Revenue Leakage
As the global pandemic extends into another year, individuals continue working in remote or flexible environments. When more employees work outside of traditional office settings, they require efficient and independent telecommunication services. As the demand for reliable services increases, companies must improve the efficiency of their... Read more
What Does a Data-Driven Government Look Like?
The increasing availability of a vast amount of resources makes it more appropriate for people in government to rely on hard statistics rather than guesswork. There’s no single definition of a data-driven government. However, numerous fascinating real-life examples can show us some of the possibilities.  Causing... Read more
The New Role AI Could Play in Analytics Gathering
Cookies have long been the preferred tool for gathering user data and analytics, especially where advertisements were concerned. Google was initially planning to phase out its third-party cookies by the first quarter of 2022, though that plan has since been delayed to 2023 to allow companies... Read more
7 Most Common Big Data Blunders Every Business Should Avoid
As more companies invest in big data and analytics, there is growing confusion around the best data practices and how businesses should leverage their new investment. While it is essential for businesses to understand how to maximize big data’s potential, it’s equally as important to know... Read more
Hackathon Shows Banking Innovation Potential of Cloud-Deployed Analytics
The way the pandemic accelerated digital transformation has opened many doors for data science. It forced many normal functions and operations into virtual models that generate streams of data. And since data and AI became synonymous with innovation long before COVID-19, the pandemic effectively accelerated innovation... Read more
Your Organization Maintains a Data Catalog, Right?
Editor’s note: Jonathan will be presenting on our Ai+ Training platform in January. Be sure to check out the session, “Data Governance Essentials,” on January 26th. Organizations of all types are creating, storing, and managing increasing volumes of data. If data is to be well-governed, managed, and more easily... Read more
Data Science’s Great Compression and its Next Frontier
In US history, the period after the great depression became known as the Great Compression. It was a time when things like income inequality reduced, and households became much more prosperous and able to maneuver financially within the market. Much like that period of history, data... Read more
The Unique Challenges Startups Face Hiring Data Scientists
Despite the global disruption and a new normal for working conditions everywhere, interest in startups is still going strong. Deal flow might be happening at a slower pace, but in the US at least, funding hasn’t dried up. It might be slower than in previous years,... Read more