6 Unique Ways That AI is Helping Healthcare and Biopharma
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Researchers Use AI and Deep Learning to Identify Potential Birth Defects
Researchers at the University of Ottawa are pioneering the use of an artificial intelligence-based deep learning model to assist doctors in rapidly reading ultrasound images and locating possible birth defects early in pregnancy. The goal of the study was to demonstrate the potential of using a... Read more
Data Science Strategies in Stratified and Precision Medicine
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Deep Learning Could Aid Medical Professionals in Improved Medical Ventilator Control, Google AI Proposes
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Could Healthcare Innovation Be Hindered By a Data Scientist Shortage?
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The Growing Role of AI in the Post-Vaccine World
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10 India-Based AI Startups Changing Healthcare
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Top 5 Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare
Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), where computer systems independently find solutions to complex problems using recurring patterns in databases. Put differently, machine learning helps IT systems to recognize patterns from existing algorithms and datasets, then go ahead and develop appropriate solutions.... Read more
Healthcare AI: The Technologies, Tools, and Criteria That Matter
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IBM Develops AI to Help Doctors with Personalized Healthcare
Sometimes the practice of medicine seems more of an art than a science. Doctors must weigh the knowledge that they gained during medical school, their understanding of their patients’ medical histories, the available treatment options, and, last but not least, their own experience to recommend a... Read more