The Importance of Industry 4.0 and AI Adoption in a Changing Industry
I don’t need to tell you how much the world has changed over the last year – a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime pandemic took over our lives and caused massive disruption around the world. The way we live, work, and interact with each other was completely flipped on... Read more
Preparations for a Post-Pandemic Retail Environment
Covid-19 has challenged us to redesign multiple aspects of our life and this has inevitably led to wide-ranging impact across business in multiple different sectors. The retail industry has especially been disrupted as people seek convenience from the safety and comforts of their homes. As the... Read more
Cinco Tendencias de Negocios Para Alcanzar el éxito en 2021
2020 ha sido bastante sui géneris. Los planes y metas que las organizaciones se plantearon el año previo tuvieron que replantearse o sustituirse debido a los estragos provocados por la pandemia de COVID-19. Y 2021 no será distinto. La diferencia es que hoy se está consciente... Read more
See the Future of AI and Business at ODSC East 2021
Over the past few years, AI, and its subsets machine learning, deep learning, and NLP among others, have become the norm in business. No longer is AI accessible to only the Fortune 500 companies. Now, a wide range of organizations are utilizing AI for chatbots, fraud... Read more
Building a Holistic Risk Profile: Near Real-Time Approach to Insider Threat Detection
Each year, organizations and research firms output yearly Cybersecurity Threat and Breach predictions. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a global shift has occurred, forcing organizations to adapt to a “new normal” that includes a more distributed remote workforce. In turn, this has greatly affected data theft.... Read more
Why Data Transparency Is Vital for Governance in 2021
2020 brought a whirlwind of technological focuses. From remote work to big tech compliance, data is at the center of these societal shifts. While many of these data concerns predated COVID-19, the pandemic has exposed and heightened the weakest points of data governance. Now, enhancing data... Read more
Data Science Hiring Freezes — Convincing Management That’s a Bad Idea
It’s common in the wake of global disruptions to implement hiring freezes until surer times come, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been no different. According to a Fortune survey, 59% of CEOS have used hiring freezes as a way to save money and shore up company... Read more
AI and the Fight against Fake News & Fake Stats
One of the biggest challenges facing society today is the proliferation of fake news and fake stats. It is relatively easy, today, to come up with statistics and charts that can bolster dubious claims. But, it is much more difficult to counter such claims. And it... Read more
8 Laws of Digital Transformation to Drive Your Business Growth
Digital Transformation is the creation of a continuously learning and adapting, AI-driven, and human-empowered business model that seeks to identify, codify, and operationalize actionable customer, product, and operational insights (propensities) in order to optimize (reinvent) operational efficiency, enhance customer value creation, mitigate operational and compliance risk, and create new revenue opportunities.  This article... Read more
5 Crucial Cybersecurity Guidelines to Incorporate for Your Remote Team
Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to shift their base to remote working, it has skyrocketed the cost of a data breach by $137,000 on average. Remote workers are going to be a target for cybercriminals in the future as well. And to make matters... Read more