Using AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance in the Supply Chain
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What Can AI Teach Us About Data Centers? Part 3: Economic, Political, and Environmental Concerns, and New Developments
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Databricks Acquires MosaicML and Other Recent AI Acquisitions
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6 Ways Project Managers Can Use AI to Improve Efficiency
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What Can AI Teach Us About Data Centers? Part 2: Business Considerations
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Top Data Challenges Facing Modern Retailers
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3 Best Benefits of AI-Powered Predictive Analytics for Marketing
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The Role of RTOS in the Future of Big Data Processing
As the name suggests, real-time operating systems (RTOS) handle real-time applications that undertake data and event processing under a strict deadline. As opposed to general-purpose operating systems like Windows and MacOS, RTOS performs repeated tasks within specific time constraints and ensures that processes are predictable. RTOS... Read more
Big Data and the Blue Economy
The ocean is an incredibly vital part of global trade, so anything affecting it impacts industries worldwide. Since the concept of the blue economy relies on managing and developing something so broad, utilizing big data may be necessary. What Is the Blue Economy? The blue economy... Read more
Is ChatGPT a Safe Cyber Space for Businesses?
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