What Data Science Role Should You Hire For?
Companies understand how important data is to operations and digital transformation and are eager to bring expertise into their departments. However, hiring a “data scientist” might not get exactly the person they need in the position they have in mind. We know that data science roles... Read more
Optimizing Product Rankings for Competing Business Objectives
Editor’s note: Ali Vanderveld is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 coming this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out her talk, “Optimizing Recommendations for Competing Business Objectives,” there! When customers search or browse for products at Wayfair, their experiences are shaped by algorithms developed by... Read more
Churn Data Science Strategy
Editor’s note: Carl Gold is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out his talk, “Fighting Churn With Data,” there! Churn means that your customers cancel your service, or stop spending money on your site or app. Churn is the... Read more
Unlocking AI Talent in Today’s Hybrid Working Environment
It was predicted by the World Economic Forum that at least 133 million new roles generated as a result of the new division of labour between humans, machines, and algorithms may emerge globally by 2022. If true, it shall compound the already massive shortage of people skilled... Read more
Top Tips to Optimize Data and Inventory Management
Inventory management is a key component of supply chain management that ensures an appropriate quantity of stock is available to meet customers’ demands. A streamlined inventory management process facilitates business owners to fulfill orders, meet sales goals, and satisfy customer expectations. Failing to manage inventory can... Read more
The State of AI in APAC: Leadership in the Making
Asia-Pacific has embraced AI and is on track to one single goal—leadership. The region likely recognizes the benefit of pouring heart, soul, and investment into making world-changing artificial intelligence. The response has been overwhelming. Here is what we’re expecting from AI in APAC in the coming... Read more
How Data-Centric AI Can Save Us From Another AI Winter
What a time to be alive, if you are a Technology enthusiast. If our great-grandparents were to travel to 2022, they would surely feel like they just landed in the middle of the shooting of a Sci-Fi movie: cars that drive themselves, mini driverless helicopters delivering... Read more
How Data Scientists Used NLP to Save Indigenous African Languages
Data scientists in Cameroon joined forces to form team LangTech as a part of the SAS Global Hackathon. In the face of rapid digitalization and modernization, they sought a way to preserve indigenous African languages. There are over 1,000 African languages, but those with fewer than 100,000 speakers... Read more
Researchers Use AI and Deep Learning to Identify Potential Birth Defects
Researchers at the University of Ottawa are pioneering the use of an artificial intelligence-based deep learning model to assist doctors in rapidly reading ultrasound images and locating possible birth defects early in pregnancy. The goal of the study was to demonstrate the potential of using a... Read more
NY Among Early Adopters of AI Robots as Companions for Older Adults
The number of adults reaching retirement age in the United States is climbing yearly. In 2019, adults aged 65 and older represented 16% of the population, totaling more than 54 million. While many of these adults are still living independently, a growing number is aging in... Read more