Machine Learning Brings a New Era in the Energy Sector
(This article is co-authored with Rajiv Dinesh) For more than a century, the energy sector has been driven by centralized grid-based systems. But 135 years after the advent of these systems, millions of people are still left behind with insufficient or no electricity. One just needs to visit a developing... Read more
Six Big Companies That Use Visual Search
Companies that use visual search are able to achieve next-level ease and opportunity for people trying to figure things out. Searching with images allows people to find what they’re looking for without having the words to describe it. This is a powerful modern affordance, especially for those who don’t... Read more
How Entertainment and Social Media Giants are Using Machine Learning
Major names in social media didn’t get there by accident. In addition to their excellent products, marketing, and sales strategies, machine learning is a huge part of the backbone that makes many of their processes successful. Facebook, Twitter, among other names you’ve definitely heard of have become the powerhouses... Read more
The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on artificial intelligence will increase by over 50% and will reach almost 58 billion dollars by the year 2021. Half of the world’s spending will go to AI-powered tools and machines, all thanks to the lifestyle, production, finance, and banking... Read more
Best Strategies to Hire Data Science and Tech Talent
The game has changed but questions still remain. Welcome to the latest talent acquisition strategies for data science and tech talent and jobs. How do employers attract and hire premium talent in a super tight market that’s also expanding at a record pace? The war for talent has been... Read more
How City Governments Can Establish an Effective Data Infrastructure
If a city government wants to become data-driven, it can’t make its workforce pull the extra weight. That’s why City of San Diego Chief Data Officer Maksim Pecherskiy was hired in late 2014. Pecherskiy helped build the city’s data portal to make government data available and easily usable for programmers,... Read more
Data Science Teams on the Rise, Give Unicorns a Break
We’ve all heard of the highly sought-after breed of data scientist described as a unicorn. Many companies continue to seek for these mythical creatures. When building up your company’s data science capabilities, should you hold out for a unicorn or create groups of specialists who can work together as... Read more
How Data Scientists Can Enable Small Businesses to Utilize Their Data
There were 6 million businesses in the United States in 2016. Industry giants like Walmart and Amazon have hundreds of thousands or millions of employees on their own. Still, only 0.3 percent of U.S. companies have more than 500 employees. The vast majority — 79 percent — have fewer... Read more
Where’s Humanity’s Algorithm to Solve Poverty?
What if I told you a tool exists to make you infinitely more resourceful — MacGyver or Horatio Alger level resourceful — so your earnings potential ratchets way up; the tool recommends what you should do today, tomorrow, or three years from now to achieve your most important goals,... Read more
A Look at Data Science Research Institutes in Europe
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fields of increasingly growing interest by the private sector, yet they’re still led by academia. Maybe not surprisingly, research institutes in Europe and big tech companies are also rapidly developing the field. In this article, we intend to mention some of the research... Read more