Data Science Teams on the Rise, Give Unicorns a Break
We’ve all heard of the highly sought-after breed of data scientist described as a unicorn. Many companies continue to seek for these mythical creatures. When building up your company’s data science capabilities, should you hold out for a unicorn or create groups of specialists who can work together as... Read more
How Data Scientists Can Enable Small Businesses to Utilize Their Data
There were 6 million businesses in the United States in 2016. Industry giants like Walmart and Amazon have hundreds of thousands or millions of employees on their own. Still, only 0.3 percent of U.S. companies have more than 500 employees. The vast majority — 79 percent — have fewer... Read more
Where’s Humanity’s Algorithm to Solve Poverty?
What if I told you a tool exists to make you infinitely more resourceful — MacGyver or Horatio Alger level resourceful — so your earnings potential ratchets way up; the tool recommends what you should do today, tomorrow, or three years from now to achieve your most important goals,... Read more
A Look at Data Science Research Institutes in Europe
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fields of increasingly growing interest by the private sector, yet they’re still led by academia. Maybe not surprisingly, research institutes in Europe and big tech companies are also rapidly developing the field. In this article, we intend to mention some of the research... Read more
Meet Aurora – Finland’s AI Assistant Answer to Siri and Alexa
In December 2017, Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment released its first report outlining the country’s artificial intelligence strategy, “Finland’s age of artificial intelligence – Turning Finland into a leading country in the application of artificial intelligence.” Authored by a steering committee of leading Finn economists and technologists,... Read more
9 Reasons Why You Should Go To a Career Fair
Tech companies have been known to ask… interesting…questions during interviews, such as the famous “How many golf balls can you fit in a school bus?” (It’s 660,000, apparently.) Whether it’s at Google, Facebook, Apple, or another company hiring for a data science position, you can bet that the interview(s) will be... Read more
What Are the Best European Cities for Jobs in Data Science?
Within the past few months, European cities have entered the global stage to compete in an artificial intelligence (AI) arms race with tech hubs in the United States and China. While the high concentration of innovative companies in Silicon Valley or the busy streets lined with Fortune 500 companies... Read more
How Businesses Can Use AI to Automate Predictive Modeling
In business, the value of being able to accurately predict outcomes – asset failures, market fluctuations, or customer churn, for example – can scarcely be understated. The growth of data analytics in business in recent years is largely attributable to growing demand for predictive modeling. Today, artificial intelligence is... Read more
The Importance of Explainable AI
AI algorithms can be trained to perform many disparate tasks, but these systems often are opaque and operate in a black box, meaning users don’t always know how decisions are being made. AI-powered systems, frequently using deep learning methods, can be given extraordinarily complex tasks and can make great... Read more
How to invest in AI (with $50 or less)
AI is the big thing in investing right now. The internet abounds with posts about the explosive growth of machine learning and AI, with implicit (or explicit) messages trying to persuade readers to invest in some hot startup or tech. This isn’t another one of those posts. Rather, it’s... Read more