Are You Ready to Have a Robot as Your Boss?
Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have slowly but steadily made their way into a variety of industries spanning fast food to the financial sectors. This expansion is projected to continue and is forecasted to replace a considerable amount of jobs. A Forrester report notes that AI can replace as many as... Read more
Top 4 Data Science Trends to Watch in 2018
As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to look forward at what’s ahead in the wide world of data science. While last year was the year that the idea of deep learning really began to make its way into the mainstream, the coming year will be about how to make... Read more
Successfully Transitioning your Team from Data Warehousing to Big Data
You are planning to complement your traditional data warehouse architecture with big data technologies. Now what? Should you upskill your existing data warehouse team? Or do Big Data technologies require a completely different set of skills? What do we mean by big data technologies anyway? For the purpose of... Read more
A Global Perspective: The Future of Artificial Intelligence
The world is being transformed through rapid breakthroughs in data and AI. Every day, we hear about more innovations — from small startups to global economies. Nearly every job currently occupied by human labour–from farmers, offshore customer service representatives and even taxi drivers–could be given to a robot within the... Read more
Bridging the Digital Gap between B2B and B2C Marketing with Big Data
Forget funnels. Be user centric. Be human centric. ‘It’s no longer “digital marketing,” but marketing in a digital world.’  — Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever. With the blooming of Big Data in recent years, there are a number of success stories in business, particular in B2C companies who engage with consumers directly in... Read more
The Real Story of Automation Beginning with One Simple Chart
Robots are hiding in plain sight. It’s time we stop ignoring them. There’s a chart I came across earlier this year, and not only does it tell an extremely important story about automation, but it also tells a story about the state of the automation discussion itself. It even reveals... Read more
Recently, I have been exploring the creative side of artificial neural networks. People have been wondering what these mysterious models can come up with, and this creativity is the controversial side of artificial intelligence; the side that some people fear. The art industry seem to feel immune to the... Read more
Editor’s note: The moment you’ve been waiting for: The ODSC West 2017 Recordings are now edited, and we will distribute them THIS WEEK. Keep learning, pre-register for our upcoming webinar and get ready for ODSC East 2018. Last month, another successful edition of the Open Data Science Conference occurred at... Read more
9 ways Machine Learning can Improve your Business
There’s a number of ways you could be using Machine Learning in your business. To manage your ML projects efficiently and have them deliver real value to your business, you should have a good overview of what ML can help you with and how. I’ve listed 9 things, but... Read more
How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Travel Industry
Having a passion for traveling and being a strong believer in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for this week’s article I decided to look into what happens when you combine the two. As it seems, Artificial Intelligence is set to be a game-changer for the travel industry. It is... Read more