Top Trends in Big Data Analytics That Will Dominate in 2021
Big Data is one of the most futuristic technologies of our times and is enabling the collection, storage, and utilization of user data to understand their behavior and develop predictive models that will effectively take autonomous decisions as per their outcomes. We are not talking about... Read more
Build or Buy? Find Your Answer at the ODSC Virtual AI Expo and Demo Hall March 30-31
We’re thrilled to announce that the Virtual AI Expo will be returning on March 30th and 31st, during ODSC East Virtual 2021. Featuring everything you would expect from an in-person expo hall, the Virtual AI Expo is the perfect opportunity to find an AI solution to... Read more
Long Live Virtual Events: 12 Reasons to Host Your Own
2020 saw a shift from in-person events to virtual events for a lot of organizations, largely thanks to COVID-19. Even without the quarantine, many companies are seeing the benefits of staying completely virtual due to a number of reasons, such as cost, convenience, scaling, and so... Read more
Discover the Top 10 Trends in Enterprise Machine Learning for 2021
In the past 12 months, there have been myriad developments in the field of AI/ML. Not only have we seen shifts in tooling, security, and governance needs for organizations, but we’ve also witnessed massive changes in the field due to the economic impacts of COVID-19. Every... Read more
Adopting a Data-Driven Approach to Supply Chain Management
The modern supply chain is increasingly complex and global. For businesses, that means it’s becoming much more challenging to identify potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain, eliminate bottlenecks, and quickly respond to supply chain disruptions. Fortunately, new information sources — like data from IoT devices — make... Read more
Tips to Survive and Thrive in the Remote-First Data Workforce
The COVID-19 pandemic has super-charged the trend of remote work around the world. Rather than a continued gradual transition towards remote-friendliness, many industries have been thrown head-first into the remote-first experiment. While it seems feasible to think that this would have ended poorly from a productivity... Read more
Design Considerations for Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain promises to fundamentally solve the issues of time and trust to address inefficiencies and costs in industries such as financial services, supply chains, logistics, and healthcare. Blockchain’s key features include immutability and a shared ledger where transactional updates are performed by a consensus-driven trust system,... Read more
How Big Data Analytics are Used in the Banking Industry
Banking institutions need to use big data to remodel customer segmentation into a solution that works better for the industry and its customers. Basic customer segmentation generalizes customer wants and needs without addressing any of their pain points. Big data allows the banking industry to create... Read more
IBM Develops AI to Help Doctors with Personalized Healthcare
Sometimes the practice of medicine seems more of an art than a science. Doctors must weigh the knowledge that they gained during medical school, their understanding of their patients’ medical histories, the available treatment options, and, last but not least, their own experience to recommend a... Read more
U.S. Agencies Hacked in Massive Cybersecurity Breach
This past month has seen the announcement of two extensive data breaches by a highly skilled and organized team of hackers leading to US agencies hacked. FyreEye, a cybersecurity firm that helps organizations find weaknesses in their data systems, was the first to reveal that they... Read more