Machine Learning and Compression Systems in Communications and Healthcare
Machine learning has all sorts of applications across disciplines. Two important fields using machine learning to solve long-standing issues are communication and healthcare. Dr. Thomas Wiegand, executive director and professor at the Fraunhofer Henrich Hertz Institutionalization, goes over exciting advances made in these disciplines due to machine learning. [Machine... Read more
From Data to AI with AI Canvas for Business
“The future is independent of the past given the present.” The above translates the Markov assumption: 𝑃(𝑋𝑡|𝑋𝑡−1,…,𝑋0)=𝑃(𝑋𝑡|𝑋𝑡−1)P(Xt|Xt−1,…,X0)=P(Xt|Xt−1). Markov Chains help build the concept of decision making in a very simplistic way. It’s also one of the most important deterministic processes used in AI.   How could we bring Markov... Read more
How Developers are Driving Innovation Through Open Source Economy
Agile may have started as a manifesto for software development in 2001, but its reach has expanded to include all parts of software organizations, even at scale. So how is this new generation of millennial Agile developers driving development through open source? Let’s take a look.   The Influence... Read more
Chat, Social, and Survey Interactions Using AI Idea Analysis
Editor’s note: Ben is a speaker at ODSC East 2019 this May in Boston! Be sure to check out his talk, “Continuous Improvement of Chat, Social, and Survey Interactions Using AI Idea Analysis.” “The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel: phone, email,... Read more
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Successful Data Science Practice
Be sure to attend Olivier’s talk at ODSC East this April 30 – May 3 in Boston! Register now for “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence in a Business Context” now. When we speak about data science in general, one of the biggest problems is the sheer lack of data scientists. According... Read more
6 Ways Businesses Can Incorporate AI Into Their Products
The buzz over AI is loud in business, but don’t jump on the bandwagon just yet. You need a thoughtful plan of action to avoid what those of us in education know as “tech fatigue,” or the implementation of tech initiatives with no real goal for ROI. Launching blindly... Read more
5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of An Expo Hall Experience
The expo hall is an exciting part of any conference. There’s so much going on, the freebies, the new tech, the possibility of finding your next big thing. I know you’re tempted to wing it, but you’d be making a mistake going in without a clear plan of action.... Read more
Watch: Applied Finance – The Third Culture with Steve Lawrence
What can financial analysts learn from computer scientists about data science? And can computer scientists change their approach to appeal to finance professionals? Data scientists typically argue about the relative merits of the statistical and algorithmic approaches to data mining (Leo Breiman – The Two Cultures). Anyone who has... Read more
The Need For Mission Critical Text Analytics
“There’s simply too much textual information available for human beings to find or analyze it by themselves. Machines must help,” said Chris Biow, the senior vice president of Global Public Sector at Basis Technology. A 20-year text analytics veteran, Biow started his career in the space in 2000 working... Read more
How Artificial Intelligence Can Reduce Stress From eCommerce Pricing
With modern temps of life, to have a deal with eCommerce pricing could be quite stressful. Charging a too high price and you lose all your clients, too low price and you lose your business. What would you choose: to spend your company’s time on monitoring competitor’s stores or to use... Read more