AI x Retail: The Ten Best Examples of Sites and Stores Using AI
So much of what AI is capable of transforming happens behind the scenes. The complete opposite of that is retail’s wholehearted adoption of AI to increase the bottom line, keep customers happy in a sea of eCommerce sites, and reduce inefficiencies. Without further ado, here are ten sites and... Read more
Solving Merchant Attrition using Machine Learning
Challenge for Merchant Acquirers Merchant attrition is a major problem not just in the financial industry but in any sector (substitute ‘merchants’ with ‘customers’ in a given business). The difficulty lies in identifying churn-probable merchants. According to a recent article from Womply Insights and Goldman Sachs, “Merchant acquirers lose... Read more
AI in Healthcare: Use Cases for 2020
AI is high on the hype cycle, not always delivering exactly what’s promised and sending businesses scrambling. Many AI use cases aren’t artificial intelligence at all, but instead, fancy processing used to handle big data. One area where AI is transforming human lives the way hype suggests may be... Read more
More Than Drug Discovery: AI in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
We’re on the cusp of realizing true augmented intelligence. In data-heavy industries with a lot at stake, AI could reduce cost, operationalize the process, assist in scale, and reduce error. Nowhere is this more apparent than the process of drug discovery. AI in Biotech and pharmaceuticals can help because... Read more
Unit Cost Metrics for Customer Churn
Carl is a speaker for ODSC East this April 13-17! Be sure to check out his talk, “Fighting Customer Churn With Data,” there! In this post I’m going to highlight one of the key takeaways from the session I’m planning for ODSC East in April: To understand and reduce... Read more
Data Science in Manufacturing: An Overview
In the last couple of years, data science has seen an immense influx in various industrial applications across the board. Today, we can see data science applied in health care, customer service, governments, cybersecurity, mechanical, aerospace, and other industrial applications. Among these, manufacturing has gained more prominence to achieve... Read more
Creating An Open Data Infrastructure For Better Public Services
Open data is changing the way societies are governed by helping create transparent initiatives. Creating an open data  infrastructure at public offices is a major step towards welfare—here’s the architecture that allows public officials to become more transparent. Recently, the tech data community has been concerned with the way... Read more
Credit Models and Binning Variables are Winning and I’m Keeping Score!
Aric is a speaker for ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17. Be sure to see his talk, “Credit Models and Binning Variables Are Winning and I’m Keeping Score!,” there! Classification scorecards are a great way to predict outcomes because the techniques used in the banking industry specialize in interpretability,... Read more
Delivering Business Impact with Analytics, Quickly
Opening a data set for the first time can be challenging and exciting. Turning raw data into insights is part of what I enjoy most about analytics, but it can also be overwhelming. Where should you start? Which analyses should you run? How do you ensure that what you... Read more
Creating Value from Data Assets
In this article, we look at different methods of creating value from data assets—using what you already have in your business and making practical use of it.  During the last decade, we’ve watched Airbnb transition from a little-known “couch” renting service to a behemoth in the hospitality space, putting... Read more