4 Ways Predictive Analytics Empowers E-Commerce Businesses to Anticipate Demand and Improve Fulfillment Processes
Successful e-commerce retailers stay competitive in ever-changing environments. They respond to changes in customer preferences, economic conditions, regional trends, and more. Predictive analytics help decision-makers know which products to buy based on projected demand. Here are some specific ways to use predictive analytics to make online... Read more
Drowning in Data? A Data Lake May Be Your Lifesaver
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3 Ways Automation is Helping Sales Teams Improve Performance
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Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Human Resource Functions
Editor’s note: Seema Chokshi is a speaker for ODSC APAC this August 22-23. Be sure to check out her talk, “State of AI in Human Resource Functions: Unique Opportunities and Challenges,” there! Conceptually there is consensus amongst experts on the value that AI can drive for... Read more
In the Counterfeit Boom, AI is on Both Sides
AI cannot recreate a designer handbag, but it can give counterfeiters the tools to do so. There is more to counterfeit now with e-commerce and advancing AI technology. Deepfakes run rampant online, replicating people’s signatures, transactions, voices, and appearances with a few savvy clicks. AI can... Read more
7 Dumb Reasons People Aren’t Using AI
Everyone’s using artificial intelligence now. From your little cousin using Midjourney to make dramatic anime-esque scenes, to your mom using it to simplify recipes, AI isn’t a pipedream anymore. Given the countless free, approachable, and resource-friendly tools out there, there’s really no reason why someone who... Read more
Why Silicon Valley is the Go-To Place for Artificial Intelligence
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6 Reasons Why In-Person Events are Still King for Lead Generation
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5 Ways to Create a Responsible and Effective AI-Driven Culture in Your Organization
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8 Modern Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming
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