Winning the Room: Creating and Delivering an Effective Data-Driven Presentation
Editor’s note: Bill Franks is a speaker for ODSC East 2023 this May 9th-11th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Winning The Room: Creating And Delivering An Effective Data-Driven Presentation,” there! Delivering an effective data-driven presentation to a live audience isn’t the same as discussing... Read more
Three Pillars to Shift Your Data Team From Supporting to Driving
Editor’s note: Jesse Johnson is a speaker for ODSC East 2023. Be sure to check out his talk, Development Principles for Biotech Data Teams, there! One of the biggest issues that data teams embedded in non-tech organizations face is not technical, but operational: finding an effective... Read more
5 Benefits of BigQuery for Marketers
Common databases appear unable to cope with the immense increase in data volumes. Managing and analyzing these huge arrays of information in due time becomes a real challenge for marketers. This is where the BigQuery data warehouse comes into play. BigQuery for Marketing: What Makes it... Read more
Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business
As we move into the digital age further it becomes practical to look for where in our business, we can apply digital solutions to improve. Artificial intelligence will never and should never fully replace human employees, but it can be a valuable tool to improve your... Read more
4 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Data Science and Benchmarking
Data science has changed and shaped how organizations think about issues across various businesses as information has become more widely available thanks to technology. As data flows from your CRM — including donor profiles, operational data, social media, and more — predictive and prescriptive analytics and... Read more
Building Your Business With GitHub
GitHub is the world’s largest web-based collaboration platform, where companies and developers build and manage their software using the Git version control system. Business development teams, programmers, and many other professionals use GitHub to develop and manage software projects. With GitHub, you can simplify, speed up,... Read more
The Impact of AI on Proactive Observability in the Workplace
Observability is a critical capability for any engineering team. Getting insight into your system allows you to detect and resolve issues quickly — and it’s an essential part of DevOps best practices. However, as your applications grow more complex, detecting problems with static monitoring tools becomes... Read more
3 Reasons Why Data Science is Important in Mobile App Development
With the massive volumes of data being produced today, data science has become an integral part of businesses in nearly every sector. And as it has grown popular over the years, companies have started using it to expand their business and boost customer satisfaction—through mobile app... Read more
Is Data Processing Capacity Important When Choosing Data Visualization Tools for Your Business?
Data processing capacity can have a major impact on the performance of any data visualization tool. Finding the right data visualization tool is about balancing your business’s on-premises computing resources and your data processing needs. What determines data processing capacity and how can businesses balance computing... Read more
5 Practical Implementations of AI and ML in SaaS Product Management
Artificial intelligence (AI) was once predominantly the domain of well-funded tech companies. But now, businesses needing innovation are looking to benefit from it. And globally, organizations are considering AI and ML, discovering benefits in their operations. A McKinsey report suggests 61% of high-performing enterprises have resorted... Read more