The Evolving Role of Python in Finance and Fintech
The financial sector is one of the most promising fields for data science. Data analysis technologies like machine learning have substantial potential in the industry, and the rise of financial technology (fintech) provides even more opportunities for data scientists. As data science operations within finance and... Read more
Humans Throughout the Loop: The Role Humans Play in the Entire ML Lifecycle
Editor’s note: Keith is a speaker for ODSC Europe 2022. Be sure to check out his talk, “Computer Perception Challenges in Drone Applications Using Quality Data Annotation,” there! I recently attended ODSC East 2022 in Boston. As a data scientist with a particular interest in human-in-the-loop machine... Read more
Running a Data Science Team That Provides Value
This blog post is an excerpt from the O’Reilly report: Leading Data Science Teams. The success of your data science team entirely depends on how well the people on it can fulfill their roles and provide value. Value is a difficult term to define because with... Read more
Thinking of a Data/AI Startup? Hear From and Meet AI Investors at the ODSC East 2022 Reverse Pitch
Artificial intelligence has fast become the investment of choice for top venture capitalists globally. As the scale of AI has increased to staggering ranges, the technological and engineering needs to meet this trend are only increasing. In 2020, AI startups saw over 75 billion dollars in... Read more
Deep Learning Could Aid Medical Professionals in Improved Medical Ventilator Control, Google AI Proposes
Mechanical ventilators have gained a lot of publicity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These medical devices are one of the most crucial tools hospitals have for supporting patients with breathing troubles, but running them effectively can be challenging. Google AI seems to have devised a solution. In... Read more
Why Does Every Organization Need a Cloud Management Platform?
The world is constantly evolving. As time goes by, more and more technologies are invented to make the gathering, storing, organizing, and analyzing of information much more efficient for businesses. Cloud computing is a much more recent development to intelligence. It’s grown more popular over the... Read more
7 Top Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Startups and the Problem They Solve
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is a very hot space within the already rapidly-accelerating growing AI market. The MLOps market alone is expected to grow to almost 4 billion by 2025. Given the already crowded space for AI and MLOps startups, we took a look at some... Read more
Top 10 AI Companies Coming to the ODSC East AI Expo Hall
With ODSC East right around the corner, coming April 19-21, it’s time to focus on some of the hot topics that you need to know. On everyone’s mind of course is artificial intelligence, where it’s going, and what will the future look like as the scale... Read more
The Potential of Image Analytics to Transform the Customer Experience
Image analytics has the potential to completely transform retail, both online and in person. It consists of categorizing photos based on characteristics or items in the photo. Image recognition software plays an important role in image analytics, helping to identify things like faces, pets, objects, and... Read more
Is Natural Language Processing Advanced Enough to Tackle Legal Documentation?
Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most practical AI fields today. This technology is the driving force behind chatbots, smart speakers, and spell-checkers, and it could go further. Many law firms have started to take note of NLP’s potential. The legal industry seems like... Read more