Is Data Processing Capacity Important When Choosing Data Visualization Tools for Your Business?
Data processing capacity can have a major impact on the performance of any data visualization tool. Finding the right data visualization tool is about balancing your business’s on-premises computing resources and your data processing needs. What determines data processing capacity and how can businesses balance computing... Read more
5 Practical Implementations of AI and ML in SaaS Product Management
Artificial intelligence (AI) was once predominantly the domain of well-funded tech companies. But now, businesses needing innovation are looking to benefit from it. And globally, organizations are considering AI and ML, discovering benefits in their operations. A McKinsey report suggests 61% of high-performing enterprises have resorted... Read more
How AI Can Help Improve Employee Satisfaction Through Lean Thinking
Combining AI tools and lean thinking principles can be one of the most effective ways to improve employee satisfaction. Lean thinking provides a framework for building supportive, productive workplaces. AI can be the perfect way to implement lean thinking, leading to more engaged employees and higher... Read more
3 Ways to Enhance Productivity with AI
Pre-processing and exploring data, building and deploying models and turning those scoring values into an actionable insight can be overwhelming. A recent survey shows that for data scientists, the many tasks they spend their time working on are very different from the tasks they actually want to prioritize. This... Read more
The Role of Data Analytics in Combating Ocean Plastic
Now that AI can help address business problems and machine learning can predict storm surges affecting coastal communities, it’s no surprise that more and more sectors of the economy are turning to data analytics. With the insightful information we get from data, we can face problems... Read more
Organizational Approaches to Enabling AI Governance
Editor’s note: Ilana Golbin is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November. Be sure to check out her talk, “Emerging Approaches to AI Governance: Tech-Led vs Policy-Led,” there! Consumers and practitioners alike have been calling for accountability and responsibility across AI system development and usage. ... Read more
GPT-3 Use Cases Changing the World of Business
If we’re listing out powerful, game-changing artificial intelligence tools, OpenAI’s GPT-3 certainly makes the list. Released in 2020, the language model became a near instant sensation by performing language tasks previously thought impossible for machines. Some of the most interesting GPT-3 use cases happen in the... Read more
10 AI Startups to Watch in 2022
The AI Startup Showcase at ODSC West is coming up fast, and we are so excited to showcase some of the leaders and innovators in the AI startups world. AI is changing the very fabric of our existence at home, at work, and everywhere in between,... Read more
How Healthcare Can Attract Top Data Scientists
I work as a data scientist in the healthcare payment integrity space. I can attest that seasoned quantitative leaders are highly sought after – I get outreach from recruiters weekly trying to entice me to other jobs. To me, data scientists in healthcare are especially valuable.... Read more
What Data Science Role Should You Hire For?
Companies understand how important data is to operations and digital transformation and are eager to bring expertise into their departments. However, hiring a “data scientist” might not get exactly the person they need in the position they have in mind. We know that data science roles... Read more