The Potential of Image Analytics to Transform the Customer Experience
Image analytics has the potential to completely transform retail, both online and in person. It consists of categorizing photos based on characteristics or items in the photo. Image recognition software plays an important role in image analytics, helping to identify things like faces, pets, objects, and... Read more
AI x Retail: The Ten Best Examples of Sites and Stores Using AI
So much of what AI is capable of transforming happens behind the scenes. The complete opposite of that is retail’s wholehearted adoption of AI to increase the bottom line, keep customers happy in a sea of eCommerce sites, and reduce inefficiencies. Without further ado, here are... Read more
Solving Merchant Attrition Using Machine Learning
  Merchant attrition is a major problem not just in the financial industry but in any sector (substitute ‘merchants’ with ‘customers’ in a given business). The difficulty lies in identifying churn-probable merchants. According to a recent article from Womply Insights and Goldman Sachs, “Merchant acquirers lose... Read more
Using AI for Dynamic Pricing: The Smarking Example
What do airlines, hotels, parking, and cloud computing have in common? You invest in assets upfront and render them out as slices of time. While parking assets exist in the physical space, and cloud computing exists in a virtual space, the principle is the same. Dr.... Read more
How Artificial Intelligence Can Reduce Stress From eCommerce Pricing
With modern temps of life, to have a deal with eCommerce pricing could be quite stressful. Charging a too high price and you lose all your clients, too low price and you lose your business. What would you choose: to spend your company’s time on monitoring competitor’s stores... Read more
4 Ways Big Data is Impacting the World of e-Commerce
Big data in e-commerce assists businesses in personalizing services, predicting trends, forecasting requirements, amongst other functionalities, to improve customer experience and increase sales. In the digital age, the number smartphone users are on a rise. With such a hike, the market base for e-commerce portals is... Read more
Smarthings’ Platform Downtime as an Example for IoT Education
In mid March, SmartThings, the Samsung-owned intelligent devices (IoT) platform, briefly experienced downtime that affected countless customer accounts and products. Households with SmartThings devices were not able to operate their locks, lights, garage doors, and more, turning these so-called “smart” devices into nothing more than “dumb”... Read more
Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Brands
Artificial Intelligence techniques behind automated translation and other NLP (Natural Language Processing) applications doesn’t just work at the level of words and phrases, but give us quantitative data about the meaning people assign to different concepts, including brands. We can then measure relationships between different brands in a... Read more
9 Bizarre and Surprising Insights from Data Science
Data is the world’s most potent, flourishing unnatural resource. Accumulated in large part as the byproduct of routine tasks, it is the unsalted, flavorless residue deposited en masse as organizations churn away. Surprise! This heap of refuse is inherently predictive. Thus begins a gold rush to dig up... Read more
The following is an excerpt of a lightning talk that I gave at the 2015 Socrata Customer Summit on October 27th, 2015.  The Cellphone!!!!! This is one of the modern miracles of the current age. It is one of the most pervasive and most cherished devices,... Read more