Smarthings’ Platform Downtime as an Example for IoT Education
In mid March, SmartThings, the Samsung-owned intelligent devices (IoT) platform, briefly experienced downtime that affected countless customer accounts and products. Households with SmartThings devices were not able to operate their locks, lights, garage doors, and more, turning these so-called “smart” devices into nothing more than “dumb” appliances. Quick and... Read more
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, testified before the United States Congress yesterday about Facebook’s response to the Cambridge Analytics data scandal.   In a nutshell: Zuck performed better than expected by calmly answering all questions and effectively advocating for Facebook; he repeated, “We do not sell data to advertisers,”... Read more
The Compression of the Hype Cycle
I spend a lot of time thinking about hype cycles, across industries (Big Data/AI, IoT) and ecosystems (New York). Whether you use the Carlota Perez surge cycle (see this great Fred Wilson post) or the Gartner version, hype cycles convey the fundamental idea that technology markets don’t develop linearly, but instead go through phases... Read more
How an AI Winter Could Be Good for Data Science
The term “Artificial Intelligence” has been making regular appearances in the headlines of the mainstream media lately, often with stories about robots being “better at reading than humans,” or researchers panicking after bots start communicating in their own language. But even more recently we’ve been seeing articles that question... Read more
Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Brands
Artificial Intelligence techniques behind automated translation and other NLP (Natural Language Processing) applications doesn’t just work at the level of words and phrases, but give us quantitative data about the meaning people assign to different concepts, including brands. We can then measure relationships between different brands in a space, understanding what... Read more
The Growing Role of AI and ML in Data Security
AI and ML in data security act as a blessing for businesses of all sizes, ensuring information security from any external threats. Artificial intelligence or AI is a technology that focuses on making intelligent machines that can assist and automate processes. AI tries to make software think like how... Read more
IBM Paves Way for Closing Skills Gap in New AI Tool Release
“Deep Learning-as-a-Service” (DLaaS) can now be added to the “as-a-service” trend thanks to IBM’s recent announcement that it launched a tool within Watson Studio that “allows data scientists to visually design their neural networks and scale out their training runs while auto-allocation means paying only for the resources utilized.”... Read more
Why You Should Hire a Chief AI Now
Artificial Intelligence is like Lego; to build something nice, you need to combine the right pieces in the right way. Most of us have played with Lego when we were small. I did at least and I absolutely loved it. I can remember the days when my friends and... Read more
Day in and day out, news headlines, blog articles, Youtube channels and more feature the different ways in which technology regularly impacts various aspects of business. A keyword through all of the talk and noise is “AI.” The term, “artificial intelligence” might just be the buzzword of 2018. As... Read more
Deep Learning. It is a phrase that more and more executives and developers alike are hearing in stand-up meetings and the board room. Companies from Google to IBM to Microsoft, are investing millions of dollars and man-hours into the development of deep learning platforms and products and spending largely... Read more