IBM Paves Way for Closing Skills Gap in New AI Tool Release
“Deep Learning-as-a-Service” (DLaaS) can now be added to the “as-a-service” trend thanks to IBM’s recent announcement that it launched a new AI tool within Watson Studio that “allows data scientists to visually design their neural networks and scale out their training runs while auto-allocation means paying only for the... Read more
Why You Should Hire a Chief AI Now
Artificial Intelligence is like Lego; to build something nice, you need to combine the right pieces in the right way. Most of us have played with Lego when we were small. I did at least and I absolutely loved it. I can remember the days when my friends and... Read more
Day in and day out, news headlines, blog articles, Youtube channels and more feature the different ways in which technology regularly impacts various aspects of business. A keyword through all of the talk and noise is “AI.” The term, “artificial intelligence” might just be the buzzword of 2018. As... Read more
Deep Learning. It is a phrase that more and more executives and developers alike are hearing in stand-up meetings and the board room. Companies from Google to IBM to Microsoft, are investing millions of dollars and man-hours into the development of deep learning platforms and products and spending largely... Read more
Reports like the Standish Group’s CHAOS paper point to the continually abysmal failure rate of software projects. Abysmal rates vary by report, of course, but all paint the same bleak picture. Most software projects fail by some critical measure, time, budget, quality or requirements. In the context of data... Read more
Facebook is no longer “social” anything: It’s an AI-Platform that needs to be regulated
Last year’s reports that some apparently well-funded Russian entities used Facebook to systemically disseminate fake news and seed widespread dissent during the 2016 U.S. elections is not only worrisome because of the damage that is being done to the democratic process, the impact on the credibility of social media and the... Read more
Are data warehouses a thing of the past?
With almost everything around us becoming a source of data, it’s proving to be quite a challenge for traditional data warehouses to support such fast changing and high on volume data. So is data warehouse a thing of the past already? A huge collection of data from various sources... Read more
How AI Will Change Corporate Governance
Growing investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have transformed many areas in the business world, especially among high-tech and financial organisations. External spending on AI-related projects went up to $12 billion in 2016. Companies looking into AI may focus on the potential for automating low-skill tasks, but they are overlooking... Read more
Data and the Future of Value
How to value data as an asset istorically, companies have pursued the dollar as a measure of value in the pursuit of shareholder value. Cash flow, profits, and asset values are all about dollars. I think an additional set of measurements can be added to the mix around the value of... Read more
Interview with Remus Lazar, Executive Director at IBM Watson, Moving Models From Experimentation to Production
For large organizations moving data science projects for experimentation to production have always been a challenge.  It requires careful collaboration with both data scientists, technologies and business end users. Once machine learning models are in production it is another challenge to keep them performing well.  Sophisticated workflows now provide... Read more