Editor’s Note: Interested in speaking at ODSC East 2018 in Boston? Apply Here Here is some advice on how to best prepare for your next talk at a data science conference. Even though you are an expert in your field, the delivery of your message is... Read more
How to Get Executive-Level Support for Business Analysis
It probably goes without saying that PMI’s foundational standard on business analysis has an obvious audience—those who actually do business analysis as part of their everyday job. It’s pretty unlikely executives or CIOs are going to pick it up for some light reading. That’s why I wanted to... Read more
matmul() is eating software
Last week Zak Stone from Google Brain gave a talk at South Park Commons where he wove together a bunch of threads that are shaping future machine learning progress: TensorFlow, XLA, Cloud TPUs, TFX, and TensorFlow Lite; he also hinted at even more exciting stuff not quite ready for... Read more
How AI Is Changing Retail Banking
With technological advancement, artificial intelligence is set to touch and modify the financial sector, specifically retail banking in many different ways. It’s still the beginning stages of AI adoption for most banks. A Narrative Science survey highlighted that 32 percent of financial executive participants utilize AI technology, such... Read more
Are Connected Cars Immune to DDoS Attacks?
Imagine if thousands of people started calling your phone at the same time, preventing you from receiving calls from your friends and relatives. No one’s actually hacked your phone. But you can’t get any calls just the same. That’s essentially what happens in a Distributed Denial... Read more
In this notebook, I will explain how to implement a neural network from scratch and use the version of MNIST dataset that is provided within Scikit-Learn for testing. I will specificallty illustrate the use of Python classes to define layers in the network as objects. Each... Read more
Full Stack Data Science at ODSC
Register now for ODSC West and save 60% with code KD60 until September 1st. Data Science is built on a rapidly expanding stack. Let me explain by using a software analogy. To build functioning web apps you need a data store, model (or business) layer, some kind... Read more
Learning in Brains and Machines (3): Synergistic and Modular Action
There is a dance—precisely choreographed and executed—that we perform throughout our lives. This is the dance formed by our movements. Our movements are our actions and the final outcome of our decision making processes. Single actions are built into reusable sequences, sequences are composed into complex routines, routines are arranged into elegant choreographies, and so the complexity of human... Read more
Intro. How I Plan to Teach Myself Deep Learning Using Only Free Resources Learning Deep Learning Series Part 1: Videos Learning Deep Learning Part 2: Online Courses Learning Deep Learning Part 3: Github Repos This is the second in a series of articles in which Data... Read more
Push Your Analytics Out to Customers
Analytics and big data have penetrated most large organizations by now, and are helping to improve many internal decisions. But they can also have a major impact on the decisions of customers or citizens. This applies not only to decisions about what products to buy, but... Read more