Companies Hiring Data Scientists Spring 2023
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Six Core Competencies Data Scientists Need to Succeed in Their Careers
Editor’s note: David Stephenson is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June 14th-15th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Equipping your analytics professions with the most critical business skills,” there! Being a data scientist, as it turns out, is a lot more complicated than you... Read more
5 Reasons Why People Drop Out of Data Science Bootcamps
There are countless ways to learn data science and AI in 2023. Between YouTube videos, getting a degree, and everything in between, there’s a right way to learn for everyone. A popular way to learn data science, however, is through bootcamps, or short-term learning experiences that... Read more
Why the Best Time to Learn Python is Right Now
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5 Huge Career Mistakes to Avoid in Data Science and AI
As you could imagine, entering the field of data science can be challenging, as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting one’s foot into the door. However, while there’s no perfect way to get started, there are some pitfalls that you can avoid that can help you... Read more
Top Data Analytics Skills and Platforms for 2023
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Working as a Data Scientist — Expectation Versus Reality!
Working in Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) professions can be a lot different from the expectation of it. While pursuing education in the field, the nature of the problems you solve as a part of a course project might be different compared to the real... Read more
5 Must-Know Pillars of a Data Science and AI Foundation
Like any skill, there are some core skills you need to know before getting into data science. Without basic foundational skills, your data science journey will end as quickly as it begins. Between foundational mathematics and AI literacy and more, these are the five pillars and... Read more
Why the ODSC Data Science Mini-Bootcamp is Better Than the Alternatives
Embarking on a data science career is a time filled with exciting, and sometimes difficult, questions: Which skills are essential for success? Should I pursue an advanced degree? Should I specialize in a topic? And, if so, which? It can feel daunting to face so many... Read more
Emily Robinson on Building a Career in Data Science
There’s no right way to build a career in data science, as there are countless paths to get to countless roles. We recently had the chance to speak with Emily Robinson, senior data scientist, consultant, international speaker, and co-author of “Build a Career in Data Science,”... Read more