Will Data Scientists Face Extinction – Alex Cosmas ODSC Boston 2015
http://bit.ly/AlexCosmasPresentation Presenter Bio Alex Cosmas is a Chief Scientist in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group, specializing in predictive analytics across the travel, hospitality and consumer sectors. He is a recognized expert in the use of probabilistic and causal models to perform both deductive and inductive reasoning from large... Read more
Big Data Analytics, The New CEO Super Power – Damian Mingle ODSC Boston 2015
Big Data Analytics: The New CEO Super Power from odsc What is the key to leading a data-driven business transformation? Analytics are just a step in the process of wringing real value from technological investments that support effective data science. The real challenge is generating the courage to take... Read more
The Big Data of Everyday Things – Gerard Dwan ODSC Boston 2015
The Big Data of Everyday Things from odsc Despite the amount of hype in the technical industry, there isn’t always a visible path to operational benefit. Many organizations are investing blindly in data science and big data without understanding the benefits the technology can bring or the talent required... Read more