Why Data Scientists Should Definitely Be Writing for Medium
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How Can Your Business Use Machine Learning for Augmented Reality?
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Funding your AI Startup – 6 Pitch Writing Guidelines to Consider
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Can Skills Assessments Help Avoid False Negatives in Tech Recruitment?
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4 Ways Data Scientists Are Marketing Themselves Incorrectly
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Transitioning from Academia to Business? 3 Things to Keep in Mind
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How Not to Get Started in Data Science
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Making the Move from Data Science to Data Leadership
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How To Stay Busy While Looking for a Data Science Job
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What Businesses Should Know About Speech Technologies
One of the top workshops at ODSC West last year (2018) was a talk by Omar Tawakol, the founder of Voicea. His company created a voice assistant that transformed meetings by handling lower order tasks like note-taking. Cisco acquired Voicea, most likely to integrate it into Webex as part... Read more