The ODSC Guide to Data Science Careers
In this free-to-download guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start your data science career in 2021, including how to find a job in data science, core skills to stand out, resume tips, and so on. Here’s a preview of what’s inside: How to Prepare... Read more
Do You Have the Degree it Takes to Get Hired as a Data Scientist?
While there’s no doubt that data science has changed the way people hire — more emphasis on accomplishment and portfolio than time-in-seat, for example — the right data science degree could make you a more competitive candidate.  It’s tricky to make correlations directly between a data... Read more
Where the [Remote] Data Science Jobs are and How to Land One
COVID not only changed the way we thought 2020 and 2021 would go, but the long-lasting effects of COVID on the way we work are emerging. Employers are taking advantage of the open boundaries of remote work to find top talent that may not live just... Read more
The 5 Skills You Need to Start Machine Learning
With any new skill, hobby, or career path, you likely have more questions than answers. How do I get started? What skills do I need to focus on first? What sources do I trust to learn all of this? Data science and machine learning are no... Read more
How to Improve Your Data Science Skills
Hui Xiang Chua is a speaker for ODSC APAC 2021. Check out her talk, “Journey from Data Analyst to (Citizen) Data scientist,” there to learn more about important data science skills. Cultivating a data-driven mindset is the first key step to becoming better at data science... Read more
The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it
As businesses adjust to the new normal following the shakeup from COVID-19, there’s a better idea of where things are headed in the foreseeable future. Self-driving cars are more in-demand, social media has to deal with news and fake news, gaming companies have to adjust to... Read more
Top 10 Reasons to Learn Data Science Online
In the present data-driven world, knowing and learning data science has become imperative to any organization, making it an attractive job across any industry. Data scientists explore data, analyze it, and synthesize it to draw out insightful findings in data analytics. A qualified data scientist can ... Read more
5 Things to Consider for Your Machine Learning Certificate
Machine learning certifications are picking up a lot of steam for job-seekers and those looking to make a lateral move from their field. Data analysts, business analysts, and other professionals who use data are finding themselves intrigued by the premise of machine learning, but may not... Read more
Test Your Data Science Knowledge with AiQ Assessments
If it’s been a while since you’ve mastered a skill, especially one that you don’t use on a daily basis, it’s possible for your knowledge and proficiency to deteriorate some. The deterioration might occur in just a few specific areas, and not across the subject as... Read more
Never Wait for a Job to Start Working in Data Science
You finally finished that college CS degree, completed hundreds of hours of training online, got your certifications, or simply have the skills you need to transition. The bottom line is, you are ready to start working in data science, an incredibly exciting field. And then, you... Read more