3 Things That Look as Good as Experience on a Data Science Resume
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How to Convince Your Boss It’s Time to Expand Your Data Science Team
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Why is Silicon Valley Still the Go-To Place for Data Science and AI
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Avoiding Dangerous Judgment Errors in Using Data to Make Important Leadership Decisions
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How to Interpret What Your AI Engineer is Telling You
You’ve hired your first AI engineer, and communication has been…tricky. It’s not that you can’t get things accomplished or that the work has been shoddy. Instead, it seems like you’re talking around each other in meetings and status updates. The good news is that you can learn what your... Read more
Why Should You Do a Data Science Mini Bootcamp?
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7 Reasons Your Data Science Resume is Suboptimal
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3 Unique Ways to Get a Job in Data Science
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Making Sense of Confusing Data Science Job Postings
If you’re searching for your first or next data science job, the job placement ads probably vary from confusing to downright laughable (“Must have 10+ years of deep learning experience…”). It’s not that you’ve got to be some superhuman data scientist proficient in deep learning algorithms before deep learning... Read more