Is a Machine Learning Certificate Right for You?
Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of certificates as a means for data scientists to build new skills. Companies, such as Google, have even begun offering their own, with promising results. This popularity may be a result of the fact that a machine learning certificate... Read more
Companies Hiring Data Scientists Spring 2021
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Announcing the ODSC Machine Learning Certification
A successful data scientist or AI practitioner never stops learning. However, pausing your career to return to school for another degree can be costly in terms of both time and budget. In such situations, machine learning certifications are an essential tool for both developing new skills... Read more
Established Yourself as a Data Scientist at ODSC East 2021
Although training conferences are an excellent opportunity to improve your skillset in order to become a data scientist, conferences also offer another benefit: multiple chances to make connections and grow as a professional. At ODSC East 2021, we have a personal development path comprising the Ai+... Read more
Data Science Hiring Freezes — Convincing Management That’s a Bad Idea
It’s common in the wake of global disruptions to implement hiring freezes until surer times come, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been no different. According to a Fortune survey, 59% of CEOS have used hiring freezes as a way to save money and shore up company... Read more
Top 10 Data Science Skills for 2021
The year 2020 has been a significant outlier for just about everything happening on planet Earth, but fortunately, data science continues to roll forward. The pandemic, in particular, has reinforced the notion to “work smart” in terms of advancing your skills for maximizing professional prospects. I... Read more
Get the Data Science Career You Want at the Ai+ Career Lab February 3rd
The holidays are over, we’ve already closed the book on January, and it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. As we all know, achieving personal and professional goals is not always easy, and often requires substantial time and effort to acquire the necessary information,... Read more
Top 10 Skills for Data Engineers in 2021
Data engineering is an increasingly sought after job role, and despite a tumultuous 2020, the chart above showed it’s more in demand than ever.  Due to the pandemic, jobs were scarce in April but quickly rebounded before the traditional summer lull hit. Demand increased significantly in... Read more
Tips to Survive and Thrive in the Remote-First Data Workforce
The COVID-19 pandemic has super-charged the trend of remote work around the world. Rather than a continued gradual transition towards remote-friendliness, many industries have been thrown head-first into the remote-first experiment. While it seems feasible to think that this would have ended poorly from a productivity... Read more
How to Speak Data in Plain English
The ability to analyze and model data has improved dramatically over the past decade, but our ability to communicate it has not. Data science bootcamps and programs have sprung up promising 6-figure jobs in exchange for learning to code. For many analysts, though, coding is only... Read more