Graduate Programs in Social Data Science to Commence at Oxford and the London School of Economics
This fall, new interdisciplinary master’s programs integrating social sciences and data science will commence at two of the UK’s top universities. Oxford University’s Oxford Internet Institute, a multi-disciplinary center for the study of social and computer sciences, will offer a 1-year MSc in Social Data Science to approximately 25... Read more
Benefits of Data Science Focused Career Fairs
Since the early 2010s, opportunities and positions in the data science field have been considered everything from “in-demand” to “sexy.” LinkedIn’s 2017 Emerging Jobs Report once again confirms this by illustrating how there are 9.8x more machine learning engineers and 6.5x more data scientists today than there were 5 years... Read more
How to Ace the In-Person Data Science Interview
I’ve written previously about my recent data science job hunt, but this article is solely devoted to the in-person interview. That full-day, try to razzle-dazzle em’, cross your fingers and hope you’re well prepared for what gets thrown at you. After attending a ton of these interviews, I’ve found... Read more
The Best Practices For Building Strong Data Science Teams
Key Points: Hiring managers and business leaders often overestimate data scientists’ capabilities, resulting in inefficiencies in the hiring process and poor performance from data science teams The pre-interview process is crucial. It should involve thoughtful contemplation about the role and why it’s needed, and effective phone screens to ensure... Read more
Getting Your First Job in Data Science
Sponsored Post from Our Partners at Springboard.  Getting your first data science job might be challenging, but it’s possible to achieve this goal with the right resources. Before jumping into a data science career, these are  questions you should be able to answer: how do you break into the... Read more
4 Unexpected Ways Data Science Makes Life Easier
Countless newspapers, periodicals and platforms have stated that the data scientists is the sexiest job of the 21st century thus inferring that data science is an attractive field of lucrative and endless possibilities. No doubt we all can agree to this. Data science has changed the way businesses run,... Read more
3 Top Tips for a Data Science Career Fair to Keep in Mind
Spring is one of the hottest seasons for hiring. University students prepare to graduate. Companies organize budgets and projects for the rest of the year. Conferences and meet-ups pull together networking capabilities for these two different groups to connect. For job seekers in growing fields like data science and... Read more
How a Start in Reality Television Showed Me Success in Data Science
How did I become a success in data science? Fun trivia fact: I have a background in reality television. No, I wasn’t on camera, but I was one of the guys behind the scenes making sure all the magic happened. Somehow, now I am immersed in the data science... Read more
ODSC Call for Bloggers
Call for Bloggers: We Want to Hear Your Voice and Perspective! Are you passionate about topics ranging from artificial intelligence to technology in business to open source programming languages and beyond?  Do you enjoy sharing your expertise, research, insights and stories that can help the open data science community... Read more
Stats on ODSC East 2018 to Look Forward to
Want to learn more about data science? Want to update yourself on the latest research and trends in the space? If you want to do this, think about attending a data science event like a meet-up or a conference in the near future.  You don’t have to go to... Read more