5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Mini Machine Learning Bootcamp
Machine learning is a wide field that comprises many different specializations. As you advance in your data science career, and make decisions on which path to take, it can be hard to know which subject, industry, or applications you might want to pursue. ODSC’s Mini Machine... Read more
Your Organization Maintains a Data Catalog, Right?
Editor’s note: Jonathan will be presenting on our Ai+ Training platform in January. Be sure to check out the session, “Data Governance Essentials,” on January 26th. Organizations of all types are creating, storing, and managing increasing volumes of data. If data is to be well-governed, managed, and more easily... Read more
A Long-Awaited Return to In-Person Conferences – Looking Back on ODSC West 2021
We’re back from San Francisco! ODSC West 2021 was our official return to in-person events and we’re still feeling that high of excitement and community. It was great to see our speakers and attendees again, connecting face-to-face, and getting that personal touch of data science training... Read more
Data Science’s Great Compression and its Next Frontier
In US history, the period after the great depression became known as the Great Compression. It was a time when things like income inequality reduced, and households became much more prosperous and able to maneuver financially within the market. Much like that period of history, data... Read more
Which is the Best Neighborhood For Opening a Thai Restaurant in Singapore- A Business Use Study
Editor’s note: Minerva will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. The city-state of Singapore is a vibrant and culturally diverse... Read more
Top 5 Reasons to Use Seaborn for Data Visualizations
Editor’s note: Ted Petrou will be giving a presentation on Ai+ Training on Seaborn this December 1st and 8th. Be sure to check his sessions, “Data Visualization with Seaborn,” then! The Seaborn data visualization library in Python provides a simple and intuitive interface for making beautiful plots directly from... Read more
What is Protective DNS?
Protective DNS (often referred to as PDNS) is an umbrella term for security solutions that examine DNS queries and implement safeguards to prevent systems and people from accessing internet resources that contain malicious (e.g. C2 botnets, malware, ransomware, phishing), or other undesirable content. Why now? The... Read more
Call for ODSC East 2022 Speakers and Content Committee Members
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC East 2022! And now we’re looking for people who want to speak at ODSC East 2022. Next year’s event will be a hybrid event, meaning there will be opportunities for speaking in-person in Boston, MA,... Read more
How to Make Your Jupyter Notebook Standalone and Allow Others to Replicate Your Experiments
Editor’s note: Francesco is a speaker for ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out his talk, “Reproducibility and Dependencies for Jupyter Notebooks,” there! Even though many developers (including data scientists) focus on their core problems when working on their experiments, one basic aspect can make... Read more
How to Improve Your Data Science Skills and Attend ODSC West for Free
We’re incredibly excited to host our first truly hybrid event of 2021, which will be more inclusive than ever. ODSC West this November 16-18 will be available to everyone, from anywhere. This year we are combining small, immersive, in-person sessions with innovative and insightful virtual sessions.... Read more