Fast, Visual, and Explainable ML Modeling With PerceptiLabs
Pure-code ML frameworks like TensorFlow, have become popular for building ML models because they effectively offer a high-level grammar for describing model topologies and algorithms. This is a powerful approach, but it has limitations for providing insight and explainability of models. These issues are further magnified... Read more
Develop Your Data Science Career Path with the ODSC Europe Virtual Bootcamp
Identifying and learning the job-ready data science skills you need to accelerate your data science career path can be time-consuming and difficult. However, with the Kickstart Bootcamp and its specialization tracks, ODSC Europe Virtual can simplify the process for you. The Kickstart Bootcamp’s unique structure will... Read more
Making Explainability Work in Practice
Complex ‘black box’ models are becoming more and more prevalent in industries involving high-stakes decisions (such as finance, healthcare, insurance). As machine learning algorithms take a prominent role in our daily lives, explaining their decision will only grow in importance via explainability. By now there is... Read more
Data Science Platforms & Demo Talks Coming to the ODSC East 2021 Virtual AI Expo
Building your own AI and data science platforms, services, and solutions requires a significant investment of time, budget, and manpower. As a result, it doesn’t always make sense to devote your organization’s resources to doing so. Alternatively, there are many innovative companies developing groundbreaking solutions that... Read more
The Importance of Industry 4.0 and AI Adoption in a Changing Industry
I don’t need to tell you how much the world has changed over the last year – a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime pandemic took over our lives and caused massive disruption around the world. The way we live, work, and interact with each other was completely flipped on... Read more
Why Causal Machine Learning is the Next Revolution in AI
Editor’s note: Robert Ness is a speaker for ODSC East 2021. Check out his talk, “Causal Machine Learning Blitz,” there! Causal modeling and inference are perhaps at the core of the most interesting questions in data science. A common task for a data scientist at a... Read more
Attend the Ai+ Data Science Virtual Career Lab & Expo this April 1st
In an effort to continuously improve as a data scientist and to achieve your professional and personal goals, it’s important to always be looking for new learning opportunities. This is particularly true when you are looking for your next, or first, job. At the Ai+ Virtual... Read more
8 ODSC Europe 2021 Talks We Can’t Wait to See
It seems like only yesterday was ODSC Europe 2020. While we’ve still got a few months to go to ODSC Europe 2021 this June 8th-10th, we’re steadily confirming speakers for the biggest virtual data science featuring the best and brightest minds in AI from Europe. With... Read more
Black Box Optimization Using Latent Action Monte Carlo Tree Search (LaMCTS)
Black box optimization has numerous applications in industries. From a/b testing to experimental designs of new ads or UI, hyper-parameter tuning in the machine learning models, or to find the optimal configuration of a system, black-box optimization tries to optimize your decision solely by exploring the... Read more
Build NLP and Conversational AI Apps with Transformers and Large Scale Pre-Trained Language Models
Transformers have taken the AI research and product community by storm. We have seen them advancing multiple fields in AI such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and robotics. In this blog, I will share some background in conversational AI, NLP, and transformers-based large-scale language... Read more