Visually Inspecting Data Profiles for Data Distribution Shifts
Editor’s note: Felipe de Pontes is a speaker for ODSC Europe 2022 coming up June 15th-16th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Visually Inspecting Data Profiles for Data Distribution Shifts,” there! The real world is a constant source of ever-changing and non-stationary data. That ultimately... Read more
AI-Powered Algorithmic Trading with Python
Editor’s Note: The author is a speaker for ODSC Europe 2022 this June 15th and 16th. Be sure to check out his talk, “AI-Powered Algorithmic Trading with Python,” there on Wednesday, June 15th. Algorithmic Trading in financial markets used to be the domain of big institutional... Read more
Identifying Cross-Country Inflation Trends with an Autoencoder in TensorFlow
Editor’s Note: Isaiah Hull is a speaker for ODSC Europe 2022 this June 15th-16th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Machine Learning for Economics and Finance in TensorFlow 2,” there! The consumer price index (CPI) measures the cost of a fixed basket of goods and... Read more
Utilizing Advanced Monitoring Capabilities to Promote Product-Oriented Data Science
Editor’s note: The authors are both speaking at ODSC Europe 2022 this June 15th-16th. Be sure to check out their talk, “Utilizing Advanced Monitoring Capabilities to Promote Product-oriented Data Science,” there! Data science straddles the boundary between research and product, in which the latest advances in... Read more
Building Secure ML Starts with Understanding the Landscape: Oracle’s Perspective
With so many businesses implementing machine learning (ML) into their tech stack, it’s no wonder we’re seeing increases in the volume and variety of cybersecurity threats. If engineers want to deploy machine learning models throughout the enterprise, they must acknowledge these risks and move from a... Read more
Announcing the ODSC APAC 2022 Call for Speakers
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC APAC 2022! If you are looking to share your research or expertise in data science and AI, this is for you. Over the course of the conferences we had in 2021, we saw: 18000+ attendees... Read more
Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at ODSC Europe’s Virtual AI Expo
This year for ODSC Europe, we’re proud to announce we have a lot of great partners ready to share their knowledge and products with data professionals at the AI Expo & Demo Hall this June 15th-16th. The best part? You can experience this entire expo for... Read more
Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC Europe 2022
As the years pass, the uses and applications of NLP continue to grow firmly establishing it as one of the essential topics for data scientists. Feeling the need to brush up on your NLP knowledge? ODSC Europe will feature several expert-led sessions on the topic. Check... Read more
Final ODSC Europe 2022 Schedule Released – How Will You Spend Your Week?
We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the detailed schedule for ODSC Europe is now live! You can check it out here for information on session times, topics, and whether a session will be in-person or virtual. With 200+ hours of content planned for ODSC... Read more
Portrait Depth API: Turning a Single Image into a 3D Photo with TensorFlow.js
Editor’s note: This article was reposted from the TensorFlow Blog with permission. To learn more about Web ML, be sure to check out Jason Mayes’ session at ODSC Europe 2022 titled “Next Generation Web Apps: Create a Machine Learning Powered Smart Cam in the Browser with... Read more