Announcing ODSC East 2020!
With 2019 almost in the history books, we’re happy to announce some of the first details for the first conference of the next decade – ODSC East 2020 April 13-17! Our flagship event is expected to contain up to 18 unique tracks per day, with 400+ hours of content,... Read more
Is Babel’s Data Tower Compatible With Centralized ML Solutions?
Does data have a common language?  Data structure and its content reflect the technological domain where the data comes from. The available technology is a relevant aspect to be considered. Professionals usually create databases by using the tools which are available in the digital market.  Therefore, most of the... Read more
ODSC West 2019 Keynote Dawn Song on AI and Security
The stakes are higher than ever now for AI and security. Following Sepideh Seifzadeh’s keynote on managing the AI lifecycle, Dawn Song of the University of California’s BAIR Lab took the stage to discuss an important but often overlooked component of the AI lifecycle: Security, specifically with deep learning,... Read more
ODSC West 2019 Keynote Rachel Thomas on Algorithmic Bias
As algorithms are increasingly used in ways that affect daily life, the issue of algorithmic bias becomes ever more important. In her keynote address at ODSC West 2019, Rachel Thomas, co-founder of fast.ai and director of the University of San Francisco Center for Applied Data Ethics, addressed this topic... Read more
Creativity Inspired Zero-shot Learning
Zero-shot learning (ZSL) aims at understanding unseen categories with no training examples from class-level descriptions. To improve the discriminative power of zero-shot learning, we model the visual learning process of unseen categories with inspiration from the psychology of human creativity for producing novel art. We relate ZSL to human... Read more
How to Attend ODSC West 2019 For Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For ODSC West 2019, we have a few ways that you can attend for free to experience content from world-renowned speakers and industry leaders that... Read more
ODSC West 2019 Talks and Workshops to Expand and Apply R Skills
At this point, most of us know the basics of using and deploying R—maybe you took a class on it, maybe you participated in a hackathon. That’s all important (and we have tracks for getting started with Python if you’re not there yet), but once you have those baseline... Read more
Day by Day Guide to ODSC West 2019
Next week is ODSC West 2019 in San Francisco and it’s time to start planning your schedule in earnest. With 300+ hours of content and 100+ trainings and workshops led by our expert speakers ranging in level from beginner to advanced, we know it can be difficult to choose... Read more
R-Related Talks Coming to ODSC West 2019
R is one of the most commonly-used languages within data science, and its applications are always expanding. From the traditional use of data or predictive analysis, all the way to machine or deep learning, the uses of R will continue to grow and we’ll have to do everything we... Read more
Learn to Tell a Story With Your Data. Watch the ODSC West 2019 Livestream for Free!
Disclaimer: This is a video taken from our Livestream from Boston. Sign up to watch our ODSC West 2019 Livestream for no cost! http://bit.ly/LiveStreamODSCWest2019  You’re a data scientist who wants to use impactful data to influence important business decisions. But how do you present your data in a way... Read more