Visualizing Networks – Lynn Cherny ODSC Boston 2015
Visualizing Networks from freshdatabos Network data is increasingly pervasive, but can be hard to work with. The naive first pass at a network diagram usually looks like a “hairball.” If you add some simple network measures like degree, betweenness, centrality, and community membership, you’ll be able to create more... Read more
Using Data and Analytics to Make Elephants Dance – ODSC Boston 2015
Big Data 2.0 and Analytics 3.0 create an unprecedented opportunity for large companies to become as nimble and innovative as smaller companies by democratizing analytics and decision-making. However, success requires building an information culture, with an emphasis on bottom-up information-seeking and sharing – plus giving people the power to... Read more
You Have The Data, Now What – Chris Lynch ODSC Boston 2015
You Have the Data, Now What? (Chris Lynch) – 2014 Boston Data Festival – from freshdatabos Read more