All Generative AI and LLM Talks Coming to ODSC East
Everyone is talking about Generative AI and LLMs. We mean everyone, from your granddad to your dentist. To learn more about the technology that is currently taking over your conversations and newsfeeds, check out these upcoming ODSC East sessions.  NLP with GPT-4 and other LLMs: From... Read more
7 Leading Universities With Data Analytics Degrees Coming to ODSC East
There are plenty of data science or data analytics degrees available for those looking for a traditional education approach to learning a new skill. Each program has its own unique approaches and merits that are worthy of consideration. This year we’re welcoming some great data analytics... Read more
Announcing the ODSC East 2023 Keynote Speakers
ODSC East is just a few weeks away, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our Keynote and Track Keynote speakers. They represent some of the leading minds in both industry and academia Collectively, our keynote speakers have written numerous articles and papers, been the... Read more
4 Ways to Get Hands-On With Generative AI at ODSC East
Generative AI has the world on fire. With its applications in creativity, automation, business, advancements in NLP, and deep learning, the technology isn’t only opening new doors, but igniting the public imagination. That’s why at ODSC East, generative AI will be one of the hot topics... Read more
Build AI Better with These ODSC East 2023 Demo Talks
Much can be accomplished at the ODSC East AI Expo and Demo Hall, from connecting with partner representatives to getting caught up on the latest developments in AI applications. You’ll also have the chance to see how our partners’ products and services work in the real... Read more
How to Ace the Data Science Job Hunt at ODSC East
When you’re in search of your next job opportunity in data science, even if you’re only looking to do so passively, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider if you want to get the most out of your job search. Any causal online... Read more
12 Standout Deep Learning Talks Coming to ODSC East this May
Deep learning continues to be a hot topic as increased demands for AI-driven applications, availability of data, and the need for increased explainability are pushing forward. All of this means that deep learning will not only continue to be a critical area of research in development... Read more
Final ODSC East 2023 Schedule Released! Here’s How You Can Spend Your Week
ODSC East 2023 is just a few weeks away and we’ve been hard at work finalizing the conference schedule. We already have 100+ hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, and talks confirmed, with many more sessions coming soon. To help you plan out your conference experience, check... Read more
13 More Companies Leading the Way in AI and Data Science
In the weeks since we announced our first group of partners for ODSC East 2023, we’ve added even more industry-leading organizations and startups helping to shape the future of AI and data science for enterprise. Check out a few of them below.  Microsoft Azure Comprising more... Read more
7 Sessions at ODSC East 2023 to Help You Perform NLP Better
A lot goes into NLP. Languages, dialects, unstructured data, and unique business needs all contribute to requiring constant innovation from the field. Going beyond NLP platforms and skills alone, having expertise in novel processes, and staying afoot in the latest research are becoming pivotal for effective... Read more