No Need for Deciphering – Learn How to Make Your Own Dataset Instead
Key Takeaways: By creating, capturing, and curating data, one can practice “data creationism” and be creative with data to make your own dataset. While Iris and Titanic are well-known datasets available to experiment with machine learning and data science, challenge yourself to create your own dataset.... Read more
Isaac Reyes on the Key Principles of Data Storytelling at ODSC East 2018
Where Cole in The Sixth Sense sees dead people, Isaac Reyes sees bad charts. In his role as founder and data scientist at DataSeer Inc., Reyes helps individuals and businesses better understand and convey the messages hidden in data. And in his keynote at ODSC East... Read more
ODSC is coming to India!
After 5 years and over 16 major conferences in places like Tokyo, Boston, New York, London, and San Francisco, ODSC is proud to bring the world’s leading data science conference to India. Between August 30 and September 2, over 60 data science thought leaders from 9... Read more
Peter Wang on the State of the Union for Data Science in 2018
These are exciting times for data science and business. In his talk at ODSC East 2018, CTO and Co-founder at Anaconda Peter Wang presented a ‘state of the union’ on how data technologies are transforming business practices. Peter first described his work for Anaconda – the... Read more
Key Takeaways about using Data Science for Good: Facebook is working hard on ways to use data science for good to solve big problems. Using data generated by the ‘safety check’ and ‘community help’ functions on the platform, Brandon Rohrer and his team have helped create... Read more
Getting the Most Out of Spatial Data
Key Takeaways: GIS is an art and a science, requiring sophisticated software and a keen focus on aesthetics Organization and visualization of data from online platforms like Twitter can provide insights into geographic and geological phenomena Spatial data can be subject to optimization processes in ways... Read more
Cathy O’Neil, bestselling author of ‘Weapons of Math Destruction,’ on the promises and perils of algorithms in everyday life at ODSC East 2018
In her talk at ODSC East 2018, Dr. Catherine (Cathy) O’Neil, author of New York Times bestseller Weapons of Math Destruction, described the pitfalls of placing blind trust in algorithms. With a series of examples, Dr. O’Neil showed how algorithms – often seen as sacrosanct when... Read more
Agile Data Science Insights from ODSC East 2018
If it’s one thing your data scientists want you to know about agile, it’s that they don’t want to be forced into unnecessary meetings and micromanagement.  The top-down heavy ‘agile’ practices across many organizations have led to widespread skepticism and even downright rebuke from some data... Read more
Visualization Throughout the Data Science Workflow with Lindsay Brin, PhD, Data Scientist at T4G Limited at ODSC East 2018
Summary: In the eyes of Dr. Lindsay Brin, data scientist at T4G Limited, there are three steps in the data science workflow: process, insight, and communication. During her talk “Visualization throughout the data science workflow: Why It’s Useful and How Not to Lie” at ODSC East 2018, Brin... Read more
ODSC East 2018 – Open Source Data Science Project Award Winner : the Chainer Framework
While ODSC brings together the future of AI at each of its conferences for conversations and continued collaboration to push the boundaries of data science, it also seeks to spotlight and acknowledge some of the most impactful work happening in the field.   There have been... Read more