ODSC West 2023 Keynotes: 6 Pioneering Figures in AI
We don’t choose important figures in AI from a bucket and hope they speak at our conferences. It’s a long process where we research what’s important in the field of AI today, and decide on who are the best people in the field to talk about... Read more
13 More Organizations Leading the Way in AI in 2023
Here is the second half of our two-part series of companies changing the face of AI. AI is quickly scaling through dozens of industries as companies, non-profits, and governments are discovering the power of artificial intelligence. So let’s take a look at some of the companies... Read more
11 Ways to do Machine Learning Better at ODSC West 2023
Many companies are now utilizing data science and machine learning, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of ROI. A 2021 VentureBeat analysis suggests that 87% of AI models never make it to a production environment and an MIT Sloan Management Review... Read more
Top Deep Learning Sessions Coming to ODSC West
The whole world seems to be focused on NLP and generative AI these days. But without a strong understanding of deep learning, you’ll have a difficult time getting the most out of the cutting-edge developments in the industry. At ODSC West this October 30th to November... Read more
How to Make Your Own ODSC West Schedule
Given that no two people are exactly the same, it makes sense that the conference experience should be highly individualized as well. Featuring hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, talks from industry luminaries, the AI Expo and Demo Hall, networking events, the Ai X Innovation Summit, and... Read more
13 Companies Leading the Way in AI Development
The future of AI is being created today! At ODSC West’s AI Expo, you’ll get an opportunity to see how the future will unfold and the trajectory of AI in the coming years from the companies who are laying down the groundwork. So let’s take a... Read more
10 Can’t-Miss Sessions on Language Models Coming to ODSC West 2023
LLMs and Generative AI have dominated both the industry and everyday life this year. At ODSC West this October 30th to November 2nd, our goal is to prepare you for the new technologies, applications, and necessary skills ushered in by this change. At the conference, you’ll... Read more
10 Trending Topics Coming to ODSC West 2023
ODSC West is less than a month away! Get ready for 300+ hours of hands-on training sessions, workshops, and talks on Generative AI, LLMs, MLOps, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more. We can’t possibly feature all of our incredible sessions here, but read on for a... Read more
9 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You at ODSC West 2023
Conferences are a great way to build new skills, connect with far-flung peers, gain new insights, and, of course, have some fun. Even better, attending conferences is not only good for you, it can benefit the whole company. Here are some of the reasons why your... Read more
Here are the First Speakers for the AiX Business Summit This Fall
Recently, we formally announced that the Ai X Business and Innovation Summit – co-located with ODSC West this October 31st & November 1st – will be changing up the formula from what we normally do. This year, we plan to focus on not just taking advantage... Read more