ODSC East 2018 – Open Source Data Science Project Award Winner : the Chainer Framework
While ODSC brings together the future of AI at each of its conferences for conversations and continued collaboration to push the boundaries of data science, it also seeks to spotlight and acknowledge some of the most impactful work happening in the field.   There have been... Read more
The Best Practices For Building Strong Data Science Teams
Key Points: Hiring managers and business leaders often overestimate data scientists’ capabilities, resulting in inefficiencies in the hiring process and poor performance from data science teams The pre-interview process is crucial. It should involve thoughtful contemplation about the role and why it’s needed, and effective phone... Read more
What I Enjoyed Most at ODSC East 2018
Last week I had the opportunity to attend Open Data Science Conference in Boston (ODSC East 2018).  It was awesome to see people just walking around who I had previously read about or I’m following them on twitter.  It was even nicer to meet some of these... Read more
A Twitter Review of ODSC East 2018
Earlier this month, another successful edition of the Open Data Science Conference occurred in Boston. It was one of our largest conferences ever with over 4500 attendees, 200+ speakers and countless connections that widened the scope of data science for all. ODSC East 2018 featured a... Read more
An Open Data Science Live Stream For the Ages: 2018 ODSC East Recap
ODSC East Recap! On May 1-4th, 2018, data scientists from around the world gathered in Boston, Massachusetts for the fourth annual Open Data Science Conference East. With over 4,500 attendees hailing from academia, business, nonprofit sectors , and government, the conference marked one of ODSC’s largest... Read more
The 4th Annual Data Science Summit
Announcing the 4th Annual Data Science Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Data Science Summit will be held in Tel Aviv on May 27 -28. The event is for practitioners in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science from industry and academy. The summit is a two-day event starting on... Read more
ODSC East 2018: Reflections on the Gathering of the Future of AI
ODSC East 2018 is over. The future of AI was discussed, new connections were made, and exciting hacks were presented. Between the talks, workshops, networking events, learning tracks and dinners, the conference brought thought provoking conversations, collaboration and connectivity in the AI community to its peak.... Read more
A Closer Look at ODSC Boston’s Keynote Speakers
ODSC East 2018 is here. Thousands of developers, researchers, academics, business professionals and students will gather to at what is the future of AI. In this article, we spotlight the the keynote speakers at ODSC East 2018 in Boston. ODSC Boston’s keynote speakers are renowned in... Read more
Announcing The ODSC Grant – Supporting the Startup and Data Science Community
ODSC hosts one of the largest communities of data scientist and AI experts.  We are constantly looking for ways to give back to that community via free meetups, scholarship tickets, and other initiatives. ODSC is delighted to announce a new community give-back initiative, the ODSC Grant.... Read more
Don’t Miss ODSC East 2018: Live Stream Some of the Best Talks of the Conference Now
This year’s 2018 ODSC East brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. And yet, what if you cannot attend the conference? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with Live Streaming & Video... Read more