LinkedIn Names Data Science & AI as In-Demand Jobs for 2021
Since March 2020, the US has seen historic job loss as industries collapsed under the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not every industry has been affected in the same way. Some industries, in fact, have seen incredible growth. Identifying these industries is particularly important for... Read more
Announcing ODSC Europe 2021
We’re heading to Europe (virtually) a little earlier this year! The ODSC Europe 2021 Virtual Conference will be held June 8th-10th, 2021, and you can still expect the same breadth of content that you’d get from an in-person conference. Here’s a bit more about what you... Read more
Looking Back on Data Science in 2020
It’s hard to argue that 2020 was a strange year that led to paradigm shifts for almost everyone to a degree. Hygiene habits changed, work mostly moved virtual, and some industries had to reinvent how they look at their business models. For data science, some things... Read more
How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend ODSC East 2021
As a data scientist, you are continuously faced with the same dilemma: how to stay current in a rapidly changing and developing field, while also staying on top of projects. Attending virtual training conferences can help you build new skills, expand your network, and recharge your... Read more
What’s New on Ai+ Training January 2021
Looking for on-demand and live training sessions, workshops, and tutorials from some of the leading experts and instructors in data science and AI, including Dr. Jon Krohn, Diedre Downing, Dr. Kirk Borne, Daria Stepanova, PhD, and Thomas Wolf, PhD? Check out the Ai+ Training Platform. Every... Read more
ODSC East 2021 Schedule Released – See the Details Here
In just a few months, ODSC East Virtual, the only virtual data science training conference will return from March 30th to April 1st with 80+ hands-on training sessions and workshops and 300 hours of content on core topics and recent innovations, including machine learning, NLP, AI... Read more
Top 10 Skills for Data Engineers in 2021
Data engineering is an increasingly sought after job role, and despite a tumultuous 2020, the chart above showed it’s more in demand than ever.  Due to the pandemic, jobs were scarce in April but quickly rebounded before the traditional summer lul hit, and then demand increased... Read more
Why Personal COVID-19 Vaccination Data Should Remain Private
Earlier this month, it was reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instructed states to sign data use agreements that commit them for the first time to sharing personal information—names, birth dates, ethnicities, and addresses—in existing registries with the federal government. This comes... Read more
Data Science New Year’s Resolutions from AI Professionals
Just as some people vow to lose weight, start a new project, save more money, or finally get to that long-neglected hobby, some people have data science-specific New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s aiming to work more on ethical AI, switching their preferred coding language, or reading... Read more
Advantages of Attending a Virtual Conference as a Team
In the crucible that was the year 2020, we discovered that it was possible to move much of our work and life online. Even conferences have made the transition from in-person to virtual. And while we might miss the spontaneity of running into new and old... Read more