Learn to Implement Responsible AI with Microsoft on Dec 7
As AI becomes integrated with many businesses, organizations, and nonprofits, new dilemmas arise beyond just productivity and efficiency. Responsible AI is paramount to successful AI implementation, ensuring that the algorithms are not just unbiased and objective, but represent the most accurate and current data possible. At... Read more
Call for ODSC East 2022 Speakers and Content Committee Members
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC East 2022! And now we’re looking for people who want to speak at ODSC East 2022. Next year’s event will be a hybrid event, meaning there will be opportunities for speaking in-person in Boston, MA,... Read more
How to Improve Your Data Science Skills and Attend ODSC West for Free
We’re incredibly excited to host our first truly hybrid event of 2021, which will be more inclusive than ever. ODSC West this November 16-18 will be available to everyone, from anywhere. This year we are combining small, immersive, in-person sessions with innovative and insightful virtual sessions.... Read more
Things are Looking Good for a Return to In-Person Events with ODSC West
With ODSC West 2021 just two weeks away, many people are still contemplating how safe it is to go back to in-virtual events and conferences. COVID cases are dropping drastically in California, hitting their safest levels in months, making ODSC West a safe option for a... Read more
How to Implement AI Into Your Business at ODSC West
More and more businesses are making the move towards using automation, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence endeavors. As these businesses look towards changing and evolving, it’s important to learn how to properly implement AI in your business. At ODSC West 2021 coming up this November... Read more
Final ODSC West 2021 Schedule Released – How Will You Spend Your Week?
ODSC West 2021 is just a few short weeks away! This November 16th-18th, with a virtual-only day 0 on the 15th, will feature a number of sessions, training sessions, talks, keynotes, and extra events that will cover everything under the data science and AI umbrella. Below,... Read more
Protect Your Company with the ML for Cybersecurity Track at ODSC West
The threat posed to both organizations and individuals by ransomware, malware, and trojan horses, among others, isn’t going away anytime soon. Fortunately, machine learning is helping us develop new tools and techniques for cybersecurity, from automation to threat detection, and more, to help us more effectively... Read more
Top 10 AI Companies Coming to the ODSC West AI Expo Hall
As ODSC West draws nearer, coming up this November 16th-18th, we’re focusing on the hot topics we know you’re looking for when attending one of our conferences—artificial intelligence being one of the biggest. We’ve got some great companies representing the AI Expo & Demo Hall, which... Read more
Announcing the ODSC West 2021 Keynotes
With ODSC West 2021 just around the corner, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our lineup of keynote and featured speakers. Collectively these speakers have founded companies, won numerous awards, and published hundreds of articles. Learn more about the ODSC West 2021 keynotes below. ODSC... Read more
8 Machine Learning Superpowers You Will Gain at the ODSC West Bootcamp
Imagine a career that gives you a path for creativity, exploration, and problem-solving. It gives you the chance to build cool things, answer complex questions in a variety of fields, and remain on the bleeding edge of technology. It turns out machine learning can fill those... Read more