Announcing the Global ODSC Community Slack Channel
There’s something powerful about bringing people together. More than simply networking, it breaks down silos, creates connections and presents solutions. Real transformative learning experiences happen in communities — communities just like ODSC.  The data science community is passionate to say the least. Whether it’s through open-source data and framework... Read more
Low-code: Panacea or Revisited Hype?
I’m hearing a lot of rumblings in the industry lately about so-called “low-code/no-code” application development platforms. These solutions are purported to enable software creation through point-and-click user interfaces instead of traditional programming, thus reducing the amount of hand-coding required to develop a new piece of software. Enterprises are always... Read more
How Scouting an AI Engineer Should Change Your Hiring Strategy
You’re exploring hiring an AI engineer and let me guess: you’ve turned your request to HR or a recruitment agency who wrote a job description full of markers like “number of year of education” and lowballed the salary. Now you’re getting crickets or worse, a flood of candidates that... Read more
20 Open Datasets for Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing is a significant part of machine learning use cases, but it requires a lot of data and some deftly handled training. In 25 Excellent Machine Learning Open Data Sets, we listed Amazon Reviews and Wikipedia Links for general NLP and the Standford Sentiment Treebank and Twitter... Read more
15 Open Datasets for Healthcare
Machine Learning is exploding into the world of healthcare. When we talk about the ways ML will revolutionize certain fields, healthcare is always one of the top areas seeing huge strides, thanks to the processing and learning power of machines. There’s a good chance you either are or will... Read more
AI Ethics: Avoiding Our Big Questions
A lot of discussion over AI is hyperbolic comparisons to the Terminator. While this isn’t helpful to the discussion, addressing ethics concerns with bigger, faster AI on the horizon is a necessary part of development. Instead of willful ethics violations, we may have more trouble with ignoring the potential... Read more
AI and the Visual Revolution
We’ve focused a lot on what AI can do for language processing, but one aspect of AI that’s gaining speed is visual. So much of our data is visual, so using these AI models to parse and work with visual media is a crucial aspect of decoding our big... Read more
Meet the Speakers of ODSC NYC 2019
Data science, by nature, is always evolving. We at ODSC are always happy to showcase that exciting, fast-paced change. At ODSC NYC 2019, we’ve brought together some of the brightest data scientists to make that point. From introductory talks for those who are just entering the field, to personal... Read more
How to Get Started with SQL
Just about every popular app and social media platform has an engine under the hood that powers the information and data we absorb. With hundreds of millions of data points to keep track of, there has to be a well-oiled machine to maintain that database. Every developer has their... Read more
10 Compelling Machine Learning Dissertations from Ph.D. Students
As a data scientist, an integral part of my work in the field revolves around keeping current with research coming out of academia. I frequently scour arXiv.org for late-breaking papers that show trends and fertile areas of research. Other sources of valuable research developments are in the form of... Read more