Dr. David Armstrong Added to ODSC Europe Keynote Lineup
It’s not often that humans discover a new planet, let alone 50 at once. And when we do discover one, it’s often through satellites, telescopes, and other traditional means. Recently, however, 50 planets were discovered via a machine learning algorithm largely written by Dr. David Armstrong from the University... Read more
From Good to Great: The 5 Skills You Need to Shine in Data Science
Almost three years ago, I switched from a career in academia to a career in business in a data science role. This used to be somewhat of a rare event, but today it is commonplace: not only is there a shortage of data scientists, but also people change careers... Read more
September Live Training Preview: Data Storytelling for Business
I’m truly honored to help launch the first round of courses on ODSC’s AI+ Training platform. Building on their solid reputation of bringing great minds in data science together, ODSC offers the opportunity to learn from thought leaders in the field in small, engaging, live classes. AI+ Training from... Read more
Reportingonsuicide.cisco.com: Interview with Team Member Dennis Chesky
Last year, I established Cisco’s Data Science and AI for Good initiative as a channel for Cisconians to give back pro bono, using their professional expertise to help nonprofits make the world a better place through data and analytics. Almost a year later, in collaboration with Save.org, Reportingonsuicide.org, and... Read more
5 Ways to Prepare for a Virtual Expo Hall
The expo hall is an exciting part of any conference. Even virtually, there’s so much going on between the new tech, the possibility of finding your next big thing, networking, and so on. It may be tempting to wing it, but you’d be making a mistake going in without... Read more
Is Virtual Team Training Right For You?
Keeping your team up-to-date with the latest advances in data science and AI is essential to ensuring that your business remains competitive in a rapidly changing industry. Virtual team training is an excellent tool for making sure that your group doesn’t fall behind the curve. It also offers several... Read more
Announcing the ODSC Europe 2020 Keynotes
We’re happy to announce the keynote speakers for the upcoming ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual conference – five leaders in applied AI from Europe who will kick off the already expert lineup set to speak at the community-based event for data science practitioners and AI engineers. These academics, innovators, and... Read more
The State of Facial Recognition in 2020
Facial recognition is an important topic that affects many facets of modern society. Over the past several years it has influenced the trajectory of policing, government, law, and the broader tech industry in the United States and around the world. [Related article: Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Ban Police from... Read more
Announcing the ODSC West 2020 Keynotes
ODSC is proud to announce keynote speakers and other influencers for the ODSC West 2020 Virtual Conference this October 27-30 – six preeminent researchers and visionaries who will kick off the already expert lineup set to speak at the community-based event for data science practitioners and AI engineers. These... Read more
Why You Should Attend a Virtual Expo
Solutions to a business’s problems aren’t always limited geographically. One of the benefits of many conferences going virtual is that it opens up the doors for many individuals to find the answers to their questions and problems online, and to interact with solution-providers that they wouldn’t have considered before.... Read more