How to Land a Job After a Data Science Bootcamp
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Indigos-Inspired Machine Learning as a Poetic Search for Insight
Every data scientist knows that inspiration can come from anywhere. We may be guided by recent conversations with colleagues or clients, and work to meet their needs with the best modeling we can produce.  Sometimes, however, inspiration comes from really unexpected places. Warming up for exercise... Read more
What’s New at the Ai X Business and Innovation Summit
The advent of Generative AI and LLMs has created a market environment that is constantly shifting. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and co-located with the leading AI Training Conference, the Ai X Business and Innovation Summit will introduce you to the technologies revolutionizing the... Read more
ODSC APAC 2023 Now Available to Watch On-Demand
Last week, thousands of data scientists gathered from around the world to learn, grow, and connect at ODSC APAC Virtual. Now that the conference has concluded, we’re excited to share with you some of the top sessions, now available on demand. Check them out below.  Leveraging... Read more
5 Reasons to Consider a Data Science Bootcamp Before Higher Ed
You might have heard that to get a job in data science, you need a degree in the field. However, before you commit the time and the money to an extended program, a Mini-Bootcamp will help you determine what types of learning paths work for you... Read more
Drowning in Data? A Data Lake May Be Your Lifesaver
In today’s digital world, data is king. Organizations that can capture, store, format, and analyze data and apply the business intelligence gained through that analysis to their products or services can enjoy significant competitive advantages.  But, the amount of data companies must manage is growing at... Read more
Start Learning AI With the ODSC West Data Primer Series
The Data Primer series as part of the ODSC West Mini-Bootcamp Pass is your golden ticket to kickstarting your AI journey. These live, virtual pre-bootcamp sessions, running from August to October, will get you ready to get the most out of your ODSC West conference experience... Read more
First 50 Sessions Announced for ODSC West 2023
ODSC West is just a few months away and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our first 50 sessions! There’s not enough space in this blog to talk about them all, but we’ve highlighted a few below. You can find a full list of the... Read more
5 Jobs That Will Use Prompt Engineering in 2023
Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT kicked down the door and brought large language models into the public imagination, being able to fully utilize these AI models has quickly become a much sought-after skill. With that said, companies are now realizing that to bring out the full potential of... Read more
Introducing the ODSC West Bootcamp Roadmap – Starting Now
This year for ODSC West 2023, we are making some changes to our ever-popular Mini-Bootcamp Pass and providing opportunities for you to start your learning journey even earlier. Over the past few years, we’ve heard from our community that you wanted more introductory courses so that... Read more