Wikipedia Partners with Meta for Open-Sourced AI to Fact Check New Entries
The world’s largest open-access encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is officially teaming up with Meta AI to fact-check citations as the size of entries continues to rise. Though article growth peaked around 2010, the size of individual articles has continued to grow as time has gone on. This has... Read more
5 Reasons to Attend the ODSC West Data Science Bootcamp
ODSC West is excited to once again offer our Mini-Bootcamp Pass at the 2022 conference. There are lots of reasons to sign up for the mini data science bootcamp coming up this October 31st to November 3rd. Below we will mention just a few. 1) Compressed... Read more
Getting Rusty? How to Relearn Data Science
A select few very lucky people get their learning path just right the first time. For the rest of us, time and experience can change our paths. If you’ve already started learning data science and have been employed for some time, you might be thinking of... Read more
See the ODSC West 2022 Topic Tracks Here
With ODSC Europe in our rearview mirror, we are turning our full attention to ODSC West coming to San Francisco (in-person) or your computer (virtual) November 1st-3rd. Today we are excited to announce that we will have 9+ tracks comprising hands-on training sessions, excerpt-led workshops, and... Read more
How to Learn Data Science in the Shortest Amount of Time
Sometimes you have the luxury of taking the education scenic route, and sometimes you just need to land a job fast. Fortunately, data science can accommodate both learning paths. While we never recommend short-changing yourself when it comes to learning, we do have some tips for... Read more
First 50 ODSC West 2022 Speakers Announced
Having just wrapped up a successful ODSC Europe, we’re now turning our attention to ODSC West 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our first group of speakers. These innovators and experts have helped shape the fields of data science and AI into what... Read more
How Your Company Can Let You Attend ODSC West 2022
Staying current in a rapidly changing and developing field, while also staying on top of projects, is a challenge that never seems to go away. Attending training conferences can help you build new skills, expand your network, and recharge your creative juices. So, what are you... Read more
Ready For a New Job in AI? Here are the Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022
The field of data science is only growing. Demand for data professionals has only increased, and according to the Department of Labor, data science is one of the fastest-growing fields that also pays extremely well. That’s why top companies are on the hunt for the best... Read more
Announcing the ODSC West 2022 Call for Speakers
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC West 2022! If you are looking to share your research or expertise in data science and AI, this is for you. The event will take place November 1st-3rd in San Francisco, California, and virtually. The... Read more
First Speakers and Sessions Announced for ODSC APAC 2022
Our third ODSC APAC is still a couple of months away, coming virtually this September 7th-8th, but we are excited to be able to announce several of our session titles and expert speakers early. All in all, ODSC APAC will host 38 speakers and 30+ sessions... Read more