The 5 Skills You Need to Start Machine Learning
With any new skill, hobby, or career path, you likely have more questions than answers. How do I get started? What skills do I need to focus on first? What sources do I trust to learn all of this? Data science and machine learning are no... Read more
Extra Events Coming to ODSC APAC 2021 + a Call for Lightning Talk Speakers
ODSC APAC 2021 is just a little more than a month away and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the events we will be hosting at this year’s conference. In addition to 40 expert-led sessions, we will have several opportunities for you to connect with... Read more
The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it
As businesses adjust to the new normal following the shakeup from COVID-19, there’s a better idea of where things are headed in the foreseeable future. Self-driving cars are more in-demand, social media has to deal with news and fake news, gaming companies have to adjust to... Read more
Prepare for Your ODSC West Conference Experience with Ai+ Training
Taking place over just a few days and featuring more expert-led training sessions, workshops, and talks than you could possibly attend in that time, ODSC West 2021, the leading applied data science training conference, can be overwhelming. Additionally, the extensive breadth and depth of the content offered... Read more
The Crisis of Bad Data Science and What We Can Do to Avert it
Ten years ago, in November 2011, University of Virginia Psychology Professor Brian Nosek started a crowdsourced collaboration of scientists now known as the “Reproducibility Project.” This project took as its first aim the attempt to reproduce the results of 100 papers published in 2008 in top... Read more
July 2021 Open Data Science Community Recap
ODSC may stand for the Open Data Science Conference, but it also means the Open Data Science Community. Across the globe, the ODSC community represents all countries, industries, and interests – all in the name of data science and artificial intelligence. Each month, our community hosts... Read more
Given the demographic composition of the United States, it’s no wonder that spoken English varies greatly across the country. According to the US census, there are 35 million non-native English speakers living in the US, of which 60% are native Spanish speakers. With so many accent... Read more
Grow Your Data Science Career With the ODSC West 2021 Bootcamp
Bootcamps can be a great way to kick your career into gear. However, many traditional bootcamps are both time-consuming and expensive. At ODSC West, we offer a different kind of boot camp – one that is designed to help you identify passions and knowledge gaps and... Read more
Announcing the ODSC APAC 2021 Keynotes
Over the past several years, AI has increasingly permeated our lives, transforming how we interact with each other and execute basic tasks like shopping for groceries. As such, it’s imperative that we understand these technologies and the ways that they have and will shape the way... Read more
More ODSC West 2021 Speakers Added to the Already Expert Lineup
We can’t wait for you to join us at ODSC West 2021 – our first in-person event in 2 years. This November 16th – 18th we’ll be gathering together data scientists and speakers from around the country for three days of applied instruction. Check out below... Read more