A Structured Approach to Quality Assurance for AI Product Development: 2024 Guide
Editor’s note: Kevin Rohling is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Conversational Data Intelligence: Transforming Data Interaction and Analysis,” there! Welcome to 2024! I find that every new year is a fun time to review what I’ve... Read more
Podcast: The Modern Data Science Development Toolkit
Learn about cutting-edge developments in AI and Data Science from the experts who know them best on ODSC’s Ai X Podcast. Each week we release an interview with a leading expert, core contributor, experienced practitioner, or acclaimed instructor who is helping to shape the future of... Read more
Looking Back on the Most Popular Virtual ODSC East 2023 Sessions
ODSC East 2024 is coming up quickly and it’s time to get excited. Unfortunately, we have not yet cracked the code for time travel, so we can’t share recordings from East 2024. We can, however, share a few of our most popular ODSC East 2023 sessions.... Read more
8 AI Research Labs Pushing the Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence
There are a lot of amazing research labs that are pushing the envelope of research when it comes to AI. As we’ve seen over the last couple of years, their efforts have helped the technology to rapidly evolve, with new developments and breakthroughs happening all the... Read more
Announcing the First Speakers for the 2024 Data Engineering Summit
We couldn’t be more excited to announce the first sessions for our second annual Data Engineering Summit, co-located with ODSC East this April. Join us for 2 days of talks and panels from leading experts and data engineering pioneers. In the meantime, check out our first... Read more
Up Your Machine Learning Game With These ODSC East 2024 Sessions
We’ve just added several new sessions to the ODSC East 2024 lineup! Today we are excited to bring you just a few of the machine learning sessions you’ll be able to participate in if you attend. Check them out below.  Who Wants to Live Forever? Reliability... Read more
Learn About LLMs With These ODSC East 2024 Sessions
Large Language Models are everywhere these days. Stay at the forefront of increasingly ubiquitous technology with the leading AI training conference, ODSC East this April 23rd-25th in Boston. Check out some of the LLM-focused training sessions, workshops, and talks you’ll find at the conference.  NLP with... Read more
A Recipe For AI Strategy
This is a recipe for developing a strategy for incorporating AI into products. An AI strategy is a framework that will help the organization understand what data-driven projects and data sources are the most valuable to the organization, and how to prioritize them to build toward... Read more
These Companies are Changing Biotech & Biopharma with AI in 2024
One of the industries that are enjoying AI scaling with amazing results has to be the BioTech & BioPharma space. There, companies, startups, and research schools are utilizing the power of AI to help develop breakthroughs and pathways that can help revolutionize how medicine treats people.... Read more
Hands-On Training Sessions Coming to ODSC East
AI and data science are advancing at a lightning-fast pace with new skills and applications popping up left and right. At ODSC East this April 23-25 you’ll find hands-on instruction, featuring real-world use cases and practical examples, that will enable you to put your new skills... Read more