Top Ten Game-Changing Generative AI Projects in 2023
Generative AI is taking the world by storm right now. With text-to-image apps like DALL-E entering the mainstream, to even non-AI enthusiasts using Q&A systems like ChatGPT, AI is now a part of the modern zeitgeist. Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of generative... Read more
Protected: The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) Program Rewards AI, Data Science Development
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more
40 Must-Know Data Science Skills and Frameworks for 2023
The role of a data scientist is in demand and 2023 will be no exception. However, each year the skills and certainly the platforms change somewhat. Certain skills become or less popular, new platforms and frameworks are cycled in, and responsibilities change. To get a better... Read more
Highlighting a Few Exciting Sessions Coming to the Data Engineering Summit on Jan 18
We’re a little more than 1 week away from ODSC and Ai+ Training’s Data Engineering Summit on January 18th and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of the sessions you’ll experience during the event. Check them out below.  Streaming Featurization with Ibis,... Read more
First Speakers Announced for ODSC East 2023
ODSC East 2023 is still several months away, coming this May 9th-11th, but we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the new year with our first group of confirmed sessions. As always, the conference will feature a wide variety of hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops,... Read more
Why We’re Hosting the Data Engineering Summit this January 18th
On January 18th, 2023, ODSC and Ai+ Training are partnering to host our first-ever, data-engineering-specific conference, the Data Engineering Summit. In case you’re wondering why now, there are several reasons that led to the development of this event. Check them out below. The Present and Future... Read more
First Speakers Announced for the Data Engineering Summit on Jan 18
In just a few weeks, ODSC and Ai+ Training’s Data Engineering Live Summit will arrive. This fully virtual event on January 18th is where you’ll want to be to get the latest and greatest when it comes to data engineering. After reviewing our list of speakers,... Read more
7 Data Science Trends You Need to Know Going Into 2023
2022 was a year of notable advancements in data science and artificial intelligence across the board. Hardware became more accessible, AI hit the mainstream, more healthcare developments found practical applications, and more. As we begin a new year, here are some of the top data science... Read more
Top Free Recordings from ODSC 2022 Events – 30 Videos to Check out!
2022 has been an amazing year for data science, and this couldn’t be shown more than during our ODSC conferences this year. From responsible AI to the growing scales of artificial intelligence as it permeates every facet of society, here is a list of the top... Read more
The Top Blogs on OpenDataScience in 2022
When this blog site first started years ago in conjunction with ODSC to supplement our events, we never expected it to become such a go-to resource for the greater data science community. Our initial hope was for this site to be a little something extra for... Read more