Advantages of Attending a Virtual Conference as a Team
In the crucible that was the year 2020, we discovered that it was possible to move much of our work and life online. Even conferences have made the transition from in-person to virtual. And while we might miss the spontaneity of running into new and old... Read more
Data Science 2021 Trends: What to Expect
2020 was a strange year and no one could have predicted what would happen. When we looked at trending topics around this time last year, we based it off of the usual trends and developments that we could have expected. With COVID and the new normal,... Read more
Learn In-Demand Data Science Skills With the ODSC East 2021 Bootcamp
Start 2021 off right with a plan to build new skills with a Mini-Virtual Bootcamp. Traditional bootcamps can be both time and resource-intensive. The ODSC East 2021 Virtual Bootcamp, however, enables you to build new skillsets with access to 80+ expert-led training sessions and workshops in... Read more
Announcing the First Speakers for ODSC East 2021
ODSC events for 2020 are all wrapped up, and now it’s time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead. Our first major event of 2021 will be the ODSC East 2021 Virtual Conference from March 30th to April 1st, and we’re excited to announce... Read more
What’s New to ODSC East 2021
With 2020 almost in the history books (thankfully!) it’s time to start looking towards a brighter 2021. ODSC APAC wrapped up our last event for the year, and now we’re planning for ODSC East 2021 coming up March 30 – April 1 2021. Just as our... Read more
DeepMind’s AlphaFold AI Could Accelerate Drug Discovery
DeepMind’s AlphaFold is poised to revolutionize protein structure prediction, and its many real-world applications, through machine learning. Predicting the folded structure of proteins from their DNA has always been a difficult and time-consuming process. However, DeepMind’s recent breakthrough with AlphaFold could significantly reduce the amount of... Read more
Call for ODSC East 2021 Speakers and Content Committee Members
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC East Virtual 2021! And now we’re looking for people who want to speak at ODSC East 2021. As you may know, we recently completed our first series of ODSC Virtual Conferences for our East, West,... Read more
What’s New on Ai+ Training December 2020
Looking for on-demand and live training sessions, workshops, and tutorials from some of the leading experts and instructors in data science and AI, including Dr. Jon Krohn, Diedre Downing, Dr. Kirk Borne, Daria Stepanova, PhD, and Thomas Wolf, PhD? Check out the Ai+ Training Platform. Every... Read more
Toby Walsh on AI and Ethics
I get a call from the media almost every day to help them understand some new development in Artificial Intelligence (AI). And most often of all, they want to talk about “AI and Ethics.” A little time ago, amongst all these calls from the media, I... Read more
Migration to Cloud and Legacy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
The emergence of cloud computing has brought about a real revolution in the way of storing and accessing data.  Users don’t have to store their files on private servers anymore. Cloud computing is a virtual space that connects users all over the world.   By using... Read more