Top Data Science Books to Get as Gifts for the Holidays
It can be hard to know what to get your friends and family for the holidays, but a good book never goes out of style. Even better if the book can help you build new skills to prepare you for success in the coming year. Below,... Read more
The Ten Most Important Data Science GitHub Repositories for 2022
Every year, the data science landscape changes. With new tools, frameworks, packages, languages, and verticals changing the game, it’s always interesting to see what people are using. We looked at all data science GitHub repositories and Python download stats and picked out ten of the most... Read more
5 Reasons Why the Boston AI and Biopharma Scene is Remarkable
Boston, with its world-class universities and colleges, has long been a hub for innovation. In the last few years, however, it’s solidified its role in the tech, biotech, biopharma, and data science industries. Why is Boston considered one of the cities at the forefront of AI,... Read more
Build AI Better with the Top Virtual Sessions from ODSC West 2022
There’s a lot to consider when learning about data science, such as what topics are relevant, format, and so on. To help you build AI better, we’ve created a list of the top ten virtual talks from ODSC West this year so you can learn a... Read more
Announcing the Free Virtual Data Engineering Summit January 18th
ODSC and Ai+ couldn’t be more excited to announce our first-ever Data Engineering Summit. This free virtual event will take place on January 18th, 2023, and will be a full day of expert-led instruction in data engineering and related topics. The Data Engineering Summit is designed... Read more
What’s New with ODSC East 2023? A Preview of Our Next Big Event!
With all of our 2022 events safely in the books, it’s time for us to move on to our upcoming events in 2023! ODSC East is coming to Boston and virtually this May 9th to 11th, and we’re excited to share some early previews of our... Read more
Highlights and Pictures from ODSC West 2022
We’re a few weeks removed from ODSC West 2022 and we couldn’t have left on a better note. The week was filled with engaging sessions on top topics in data science, innovation in AI, and smiling faces that we haven’t seen in a while. Here are... Read more
ODSC West 2022 Keynote: Kay Firth-Butterfield on Responsible AI in Government and Business
As artificial intelligence grows in scale and encompasses more and more of our lives, what will it mean for both the technology and the people worldwide as each nation looks to manage the ramifications of AI with different regulatory frameworks? The EU, USA, and nations of... Read more
ODSC West 2022 Keynote: Graham Neubig – is My NLP Model Working?
The growth of Natural Language Processing (NLP) models in practical use in applications has grown rapidly in recent years. But with this growth still hasn’t solved the issues of errors related to both data and output. With such a barrier, what can teams do to combat... Read more
ODSC East 2023 Call for Speakers & Save the Date
We’ve just wrapped up our events for 2022 with ODSC West in San Francisco and it’s time to plan for ODSC East 2023 in May, taking place both in-person in Boston and virtually. Interested in speaking at the event? Check out the details below.  What to... Read more