Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences
Zona is a speaker for ODSC East 2020 this April 13-17! Be sure to check out their talk, “Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences,” there! Information search is an activity that involves various techniques and methods for finding new data and insights. Physical and digital spaces as different contexts... Read more
3 Data Skills to Get Hired in 2020
We’ve been talking forever about how in-demand data science is, but don’t worry—you haven’t missed the boat (not by a long shot). The field is evolving, however, and with data science splitting into different job titles and everyone niching down, it can be tough to know where to get... Read more
How to Make the Transition from Data Analyst to Data Scientist
This is the year you’re making the jump from analyst to data scientist, and we are excited to see it happen (here are some other job titles to look out for too). Data science does make use of many of your current skills, but with a twist. Let’s take... Read more
Big Fields Hiring Data Scientists for 2020
You’re ready for your first data science job, or maybe you’re looking to make a change of field. Data science is still the hottest job market there is, even with the field niching down. If you need some inspiration before sending out your next resume, here are three fields... Read more
The History and Future of AI with Michael I. Jordan
According to Michael I. Jordan, professor at the University of California, Berkeley AI lab, AI history—and the history of almost any type of engineering—is really just the history of trying to build things. During his talk, “Towards a Blend of Machine Learning and Microeconomics,” Jordan discusses AI history and... Read more
The 2010s: How Has the “Data Scientist” Job Evolved?
It was the early 2010s and I sensed something was afoot. I was seeing ads for something called Coursera, a new kind of online education company (called a MOOC, or massive open online course) that was offering a free “Machine Learning” class taught by Stanford professor Andrew Ng. The... Read more
Top Jobs That Pave the Way for Becoming a Data Scientist in 2020
Last year I wrote an article on this topic and I wanted to update it for the new year – 2020. The innate skills required for data science listed and explained in last year’s piece remain in force, as do all of the job classes. But this time around... Read more
9 Cities To Get Hired as a Data Scientist for 2020
We talk a lot about how to get hired as data scientists, but it’s time for our annual roundup of where to get hired as a data scientist for 2020. Without further ado, here are the top picks for best data science cities, and they couldn’t be a more... Read more
Should You Present at a Data Science Poster Session?
Conferences are great places to meet new people and find new ideas. The presentations are informative, and workshops help you gain practical skills in new areas (you can also brush up on your soft skills). You’re thinking about presenting at a conference yourself, but there are a few roadblocks... Read more
7 Top Data Science Trends in 2020 to Be Excited About
As a practicing data scientist, educator, and tech journalist, I automatically have three big motivations for keeping a constant pulse of the industry. Staying in tune with what’s happening, consuming all the news from the movers and shakers, and evaluating new and updated tools as they arrive, I can... Read more