Why Every Business Should Have a Data Protection Officer
It’s been over a month since the tumultuous installment of GDPR. This marks a sea change for data protection and privacy regulation worldwide. But in contrast to the commotion during the lead-up, the first month of the GDPR era has been mostly silent. Brussels has yet to announce any... Read more
GDPR: What data scientists and CIOs need to know
Tomorrow, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in the member states of the European Union, in what may be the most extensive piece of data privacy legislation thus far in the history of data legislation. Aimed at empowering EU citizens with greater control over their digital... Read more
Google Analytics is Now Halfway GDPR Compliant!
Google has rolled out some major product updates to ensure GDPR compliance. The most important takeaways are that Google has introduced new granular data retention controls, updated their legal language to be compliant, and has not released a user deletion tool. Open Data Science considers this an important GDPR... Read more