Setting up a Text Summarization Project
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What’s the Main Priority for Data Labeling in Modern ML, Quality or Scale: Experts Weigh In
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5 Tools for Getting Started with Data Science on GitHub
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What Is the Difference Between Test Data and Live Data?
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Is Groovy a Viable Language for Data Science Applications? 5 Pros and Cons
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6 Most Common Errors When Implementing AI and Machine Learning
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Git vs SVN: What’s the Difference?
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Computer Vision & Data Annotation – An Easy Way of Understanding the Relevance in the Real World
Here, you will find a brief explanation of computer vision, some cases we are experiencing in real life, and some of the existent techniques in data annotation supporting the advance of computer vision. I want to highlight upfront that I’m not approaching any computer vision algorithms... Read more
Seven Questions to Ask Before Implementing AI in Your Enterprise
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