Understanding Neural Network Bias Values
In my other articles, I have discussed the many different neural network hyper parameters that contribute to optimal success. While hyper parameters are crucial  for training successful algorithms, the importance of neural network bias values are not to be forgotten as well. In this article I’ll delve into the... Read more
Bitcoin Trade Signals
What will Bitcoin do When asked what the stock market will do, J.P Morgan replied “It will fluctuate.”. If we could hypothetically ask Mr Morgan another question, very popular these days, I bet his answer would be “It will fluctuate a loot”. Of course, the question is about the most... Read more
5 strategies for converting Big Data into actionable insights
The strategy to turn the raw data into actionable insights is to integrate and analyze data from all data sources to reach better and optimized business decisions. The word “big” in big data refers to the huge volume of data involved. Big data technologies aim at storing, analyzing, querying,... Read more
Data Science x Project Planning
A non-technical guide to k-NN algorithm and its application on forecasting, from a project planning point of view, and for beginners. Introduction The intended audience for this short blog post are data science practitioners who seek to implement predictive algorithms in a business-project-based setting, with special focus on presenting... Read more
Generational changes in support for gun laws
This is the fourth article in a series about changes in support for gun control laws over the last 50 years. In the first article I looked at data from the General Social Survey and found that young adults are less likely than previous generations to support gun control. In the second... Read more
Cognitive Machine Learning (2): Uncertain Thoughts
She pined in thought,  And with a green and yellow melancholy She sat like Patience on a monument,  Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed? In King Lear, Shakespeare stirs a sense of self-consciousness by invoking Patience, sitting up high; isolated in her thoughts;... Read more
How Javascript and Machine Learning Can Actually Collaborate
Surprising article title, isn’t it? Based on past experiences in data sciences, you might not expect Javascript and Machine Learning to be in the same sentence. In this article, however, we’re going to look at how and why these two are starting to collaborate rather successfully. There are many... Read more
An Infinite Parade of Giraffes: Collaborative Cartooning with AI
What is recognizable about a particular artist’s style? What parts can be delegated to an assistant? Can AI play the role of assistant or even collaborator? How would we ever get enough data for training? How little data could we get away with? Exploring these questions using GANs, image... Read more
Pervasive Simulator Misuse with Reinforcement Learning
The surge of interest in reinforcement learning is great fun, but I often see confused choices in applying RL algorithms to solve problems. There are two purposes for which you might use a world simulator in reinforcement learning: Reinforcement Learning Research: You might be interested in creating reinforcement learning algorithms for... Read more
Moving Beyond Data Visualization to Data Applications
One thing we love doing at Exaptive – aside from creating tools that facilitate innovation – is hiring intelligent, creative, and compassionate people to fill our ranks. Frank Evans is one of our data scientists. He was invited to present at the TEDxOU event on January 26, 2018. Frank gave a great talk... Read more