Josh Tobin of Gantry on Continual Learning Benefits and Challenges
As newer fields emerge within data science and the research is still hard to grasp, sometimes it’s best to talk to the experts and pioneers of the field. Recently, we spoke with Josh Tobin, CEO & Founder of Gantry, about the concept of continual learning and... Read more
3 Tips for Using Python Libraries to Create 3D Animation
Data visualization is becoming increasingly popular, meaning open-source tools like Python are more widely used by data scientists and other computer science professionals. A specific type called 3D animation makes information accessible, visually attractive, and appealing to users. Powerful Python libraries enable you to create unique... Read more
Exploring Intelligent Writing Assistance
The goal of this application is to demonstrate how the NLP task of text style transfer can be applied to enhance the human writing experience. In this sense, we intend to peel back the curtains on how an intelligent writing assistant might function — walking through the logical... Read more
An Introduction to Text Style Transfer
This is an applied research report by Cloudera Fast Forward Labs. We write reports about emerging technologies, and conduct experiments to explore what’s possible. Read our full report about Text Style Transfer below, or download the PDF . The prototype accompanying this report – Exploring Intelligent Writing Assistance –... Read more
Standout Code Snippets From ODSC West 2022
This article brings you up-to-speed on some of the best code snippets you may have missed if you were not at ODSC West 2022. For this notebook you will need the standard imports: import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import... Read more
The Top Challenges of Speech-to-Speech Generative AI
While interesting generative AI use cases—mostly in speech-to-image generation from well-known models, like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E— have emerged in recent years, the business value of the technology has remained largely untapped. And while image and video have their place in the enterprise, language is becoming... Read more
Is Data Processing Capacity Important When Choosing Data Visualization Tools for Your Business?
Data processing capacity can have a major impact on the performance of any data visualization tool. Finding the right data visualization tool is about balancing your business’s on-premises computing resources and your data processing needs. What determines data processing capacity and how can businesses balance computing... Read more
Can We Wage War Against Opioids with Data and Analytics?
In 1993, Trooper Juan Colon was only one year into his 25-year career with the New Jersey State Police when a routine traffic stop for speeding on Interstate 80 ended with him wrestling on the ground for control of the motorist’s gun. A subsequent search of... Read more
How to Find Duplicates (and Near-Duplicates) in a Corpus with NLP
Building a large high-quality corpus for Natural Language Processing (NLP) is not for the faint of heart. Text data can be large, cumbersome, and unwieldy and unlike clean numbers or categorical data in rows and columns, discerning differences between documents can be challenging. In organizations where documents are... Read more
How to Choose the Right Data Visualization Tools for Your Business
Depending on your business needs, you’ll prioritize specific data visualization tools over others. Most businesses favor standard pie charts and bar graphs, but others may select waterfall charts and heat maps.  Depending on your software, you’ll find that some data visualization tools create more stunning visuals... Read more