Data Analytics in the Age of AI
In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, two titans have emerged as central to understanding and shaping our future: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. And though many have thought that data analytics would go the way of the dinosaur, the last few years have shown that isn’t... Read more
Navigating the Challenges of LLMs in Big Data Analytics with Google Cloud
Editor’s note: Rohan Johar & Mohammad Soltanieh-ha are speakers for ODSC East 2024 this April 23-25. Be sure to check out their talk, “LLMs Meet Google Cloud: A New Frontier in Big Data Analytics,” there! In the realm of big data analytics, the use of Large... Read more
Sustainability and Data Analytics: Missed Opportunities Due to Integration Failures
Data scientists only witness the green power of data analytics with smart integrations. There is publicly known potential, with more strategies yet to be discovered for how data can decarbonize and optimize for net-zero and circular targets. How do these integration failures manifest, and how can... Read more
How to Use Predictive Analytics to Boost Employee Engagement
Most of the staff human resource professionals interact with feel disengaged. Predictive analytics driven by artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies employers can use to address this. Can employee engagement analytics boost engagement? How Predictive Analytics Applies to Employee Engagement Employee engagement is... Read more
How to Implement Augmented Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making
Data analytics is integral to modern business, but many organizations’ efforts are starting to fall flat. Now that virtually every company is capitalizing on data, analytics alone isn’t enough to surge ahead of the competition. You must be able to analyze data faster, more accurately, and... Read more
7 Leading Universities With Data Analytics Degrees Coming to ODSC East
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Top Data Analytics Skills and Platforms for 2023
As the sibling of data science, data analytics is still a hot field that garners significant interest. Companies have plenty of data at their disposal and are looking for people who can make sense of it and make deductions quickly and efficiently. We looked at over... Read more
Can We Wage War Against Opioids with Data and Analytics?
In 1993, Trooper Juan Colon was only one year into his 25-year career with the New Jersey State Police when a routine traffic stop for speeding on Interstate 80 ended with him wrestling on the ground for control of the motorist’s gun. A subsequent search of... Read more
The Role of Data Analytics in Combating Ocean Plastic
Now that AI can help address business problems and machine learning can predict storm surges affecting coastal communities, it’s no surprise that more and more sectors of the economy are turning to data analytics. With the insightful information we get from data, we can face problems... Read more
Your Guide For Analyzing Real Time Data with Streaming Analytics from SAS® Viya® on Azure
As artificial intelligence comes of age and data continues to disrupt traditional industry boundaries, the need for real-time analytics is escalating as organizations fight to keep their competitive edge. The benefits of real-time analytics are significant. Manufacturers must inspect thousands of products per minute for defects.... Read more