The Impact of Data Visualization Tools on Brand Strategy Development
Data, one of the biggest buzzwords in recent times, is known for being a critical element in business decision-making processes across all industries. But, there lies a problem – raw data on paper, while valuable, can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. That’s where data visualization... Read more
What is a Data Visualization Grammar?
Editor’s note: Robert Kosara is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “A Practical Introduction to Data Visualization for Data Scientists,” there! There are many ways to create visualizations, between chart choosers, chart wizards, GUI-based tools of various... Read more
7 Cool Data Visualizations Using D3 and Vega
In today’s data-driven world, the ability to visualize complex datasets in a clear and engaging manner is more valuable than ever. Whether you’re a data analyst, web developer, or just a data enthusiast, learning how to create compelling data visualizations can significantly enhance your skill set.... Read more
Data Synthesis, Augmentation, and NLP Insights with LLMs
Editor’s note: Tamilla Triantoro, PhD is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out her talk, “Data Synthesis, Augmentation, and NLP Insights with LLMs,” there! Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling computers to... Read more
Harnessing the Power of GIS and Python for Property Value Analysis at Scale
Editor’s note: Mike Dezube is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out his talk, “Unlocking Insights in Home Values: A Multimillion-Row Journey with Polars,” there! Tremendous amounts (Petabytes) of public information are available via the Census Bureau and local municipalities,... Read more
Photo Mosaics with Nearest Neighbors: Machine Learning for Digital Art
Here’s an example! Zoom in animation, Recommend watching in full screen. (Video by author) Technological innovation is increasing at a rapid pace and has made digital storage extremely cheap and accessible. Additionally, most people now have phones with cameras that are able to capture high quality... Read more
7 Trending Open Source Tools for Data Visualization in 2023
Data visualization tools turn insights and data into something understandable, especially for non-data stakeholders who may not share the same skillsets as the team who’s behind the data. But the process of converting data into visual representations, such as charts, graphs, and maps isn’t all that... Read more
Mastering the Art of Data Visualization: Tips & Techniques
In the digital era, data visualization stands as an indispensable tool in the realm of business intelligence. It represents the graphical display of data and information, transforming complex datasets into intuitive and understandable visuals. By implementing data visualization, businesses can reap multifaceted benefits: Simplified Data Interpretation:... Read more
GraphReduce: Using Graphs for Feature Engineering Abstractions
Editor’s note: Wes Madrigal is a speaker for ODSC West this October 30th to November 2nd. Be sure to check out his talk, “Using Graphs for Large Feature Engineering Pipelines,” there to learn more about GraphReduce and more! For readers who work in ML/AI, it’s well... Read more
Data Morph: Moving Beyond the Datasaurus Dozen
Editor’s note: Stefanie Molin is a speaker for ODSC West 2023 this Fall. Be sure to check out her talk, “Data Morph: A Cautionary Tale of Summary Statistics,” there! This article introduces Data Morph, a new open-source Python package that can be used to morph an input... Read more