How to Make an Animated Gif Fit for /r/dataisbeautiful
A good visualization should capture the interest of the audience and make an impression. Few things capture interest more than bright colors and movement. In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to make an animated gif, so that you can go farm some... Read more
Country-Wise Visual Analysis of Music Taste Using Spotify’s API & Seaborn in Python
I recently started using Spotify and was amazed by the sophisticated technology that drives Spotify’s recommendation system based on collaborative filtering and NLP. In this project, I investigated country-specific music preferences. Data Acquisition: I scrapped the data from Spotify’s weekly regional chart’. It is a weekly... Read more
Building a COVID-19 Dashboard with Tableau
We all are experts in telling stories with words and sentences. But, have you ever heard of telling stories with data? This sounds intriguing. Well, it sounded the same for me too.  Being able to tell stories with data is a skill that is becoming ever... Read more
What Happens to Housing Prices If People Leave a City?
Four years ago I moved to Boston for my first job, fresh-faced and ready to experience the city. I quickly followed the millennial trajectory of paying too much for a too-small apartment in the heart of the city. I traded off space and conveniences for access.... Read more
Designing a Practical and Compelling Data Visualization
Data visualization is the most powerful way to communicate data to both technical and non-technical audiences. It’s also the most “taken-for-granted” component of analytics. Few analysts have formal training in data visualization best practices. Exacerbating the problem is that the default options in applications like PowerPoint and Excel... Read more
Data Visualization and Dashboards in the Era of Covid-19
Data visualization is the presentation of your data analysis in a pictorial or graphical format. Its goal is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users and enable decision-makers so they can grasp difficult concepts. It’s about techniques and forms of art as much as tools... Read more
Getting Started with Data Visualization Library in Python: Matplotlib
The primary data visualization library in Python is matplotlib, a project begun in the early 2000s, that was built to mimic the plotting capabilities from Matlab. Matplotlib is enormously capable of plotting most things you can imagine, and it gives its users tremendous power to control... Read more
Has Progress in America Peaked?
Measuring Physical, Personal, and National Development over the past century I recently came across a compelling work of data visualization published by the New York Times. The author sought to prove a point that performance had peaked in men’s speed skating and more broadly in other Olympic... Read more
Visualizing Bias in Data Using Embedding Projector
Before a machine learning model is deployed, its performance is evaluated. However, apart from the performance aspect, it is also important to know what the model has learnt. This is necessary so as to ensure that the model hasn’t learnt something discriminatory or biased. [Related Article:... Read more
Interpreting the 2020 Puerto Rico Earthquake Swarm with Data Science
Using visualizations, maps, time series and Google Trends data science, Puerto Rico earthquakes are described. Since late December 2019 until early January 2020, the southwestern region of the island Puerto Rico has been experiencing a series or swarm of earthquakes, leaving in its wake a trail... Read more