Render Interactive Plots with Matplotlib
Interactive charts are loved by all as they can tell a story more effectively. The same is true in data science and allied fields. Exploratory data analysis is an essential step in the data preprocessing pipeline, and there are a lot of libraries available in the... Read more
5 Must-Know Data Visualization Techniques for Any Data Science Professional
Data visualization is a critical component of data science, but it can be challenging to master. Luckily, there are certain techniques that can help data scientists improve the quality and impact of their data visuals. These must-know data visualization techniques will help you get started on... Read more
Teddy Petrou on Data Visualization Use Cases, Dash 2.0, and the Pros of Seaborn
Data visualization is one of the most marketable and desirable data science skills out there. Given its visible and tangible results, hiring managers often look for individuals who can communicate their findings easily and to people who aren’t data-savvy. We recently had the chance to speak... Read more
Top 5 Reasons to Use Seaborn for Data Visualizations
Editor’s note: Ted Petrou will be giving a presentation on Ai+ Training on Seaborn this December 1st and 8th. Be sure to check his sessions, “Data Visualization with Seaborn,” then! The Seaborn data visualization library in Python provides a simple and intuitive interface for making beautiful plots directly from... Read more
Creating Word Clouds from Text
Word clouds are a useful visualization tool. They show the most frequent words in a text, where the relative size of the word correlates with frequency. This is an example word cloud: Word clouds are useful for at least two purposes: An initial exploration of text... Read more
Animations with Matplotlib
Animations are an interesting way of demonstrating a phenomenon. We as humans are always enthralled by animated and interactive charts rather than the static ones. Animations make even more sense when depicting time-series data like stock prices over the years, climate change over the past decade,... Read more
GANs: A Brief Theory and Practice, and Image-to-Image Conversion with Pix2Pix
Editor’s note: Ajay is a speaker for ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out his talk, “GANs: Theory and Practice, Image Synthesis With GANs Using TensorFlow”  to go beyond Pix2Pix there! There are prerequisites for making the most out of this blog. The reader should... Read more
Beautiful Graph Visualization with nxviz
When working with network (graph) data, being able to visualize it is immensely valuable. When a graph visualization is done well, it can help you provide immediate visual insights based on the structure of a graph. While NetworkX provides a built-in graph visualization library, other tools... Read more
Exploring GUI of Tableau Prep Builder 
Tableau Prep Builder was introduced with version 2018.1 of Tableau Desktop, but what can we use Tableau Prep Builder (henceforth referred to in this article as Prep) for? The core purpose of the tool is data preparation. The good news is, Prep is fully compatible with Tableau Desktop, and also with Tableau Server. That means you can execute jobs in Prep to clean... Read more
Start Your Network Analysis Training with These Videos
Networks (a.k.a graphs) are one of the most interesting areas of data science and have been subject to an explosion of interest in recent years. The ability to model the relationship between data points is powerful. By using data visualization to identify patterns, trends, and relationships,... Read more