While verbal communication is a necessary skill for any data scientist, visual communication is becoming more important for maximizing impact. Viz is hard, it requires a different skillset and recognition that your design choices can manipulate the story. As Data Scientists drift into the forbidden realms of artistic expression,... Read more
Editor’s Note: If you’re anything like me, stubbornly loyal to Pokémon Red, now trying to catch up to the cool kids post Poképocalypse, you’ll find this exploration worth a share. About a month ago Pokémon Go, Niantic’s mobile augmented reality game based on the popular franchise, was everywhere. The... Read more
Deutsch Credit Future Telling: part 2
To continue on this first path, it’s logical to proceed with hyperparameter tuning on the three algorithms previously mentioned in part 1. Here the Random Forest Classifier (R.F.C) pulls ahead with 77% accuracy while the other two are still around 75%. Where there were three on this road, there... Read more
The Fund for Peace is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing violence worldwide. One of their initiatives is the Fragile States Index (F.S.I), a yearly ranking of the stability of countries around the world. Each ranking is the sum of twelve factors rated on a scale of one (the... Read more
ODSC East US Attendees Visualization
Everyone – well, almost everyone – likes maps, especially maps with interesting data. The final product of analysis hides the mountain of work that goes into its creation. In this case, all the blood, sweat, and tears comes from those versed in the intricacies of geospatial data analysis. So,... Read more
Data science is an interdisciplinary endeavor, and it serves the purpose of extracting insight from varying sources of information. Various communities come together at Data Science Conferences to share their knowledge and promote innovation. It is not surprising, then, that the tools showcased by data scientists at ODSC East... Read more
Data Science on Twitter
By: Jason O’Rawe – ODSC data science team contributor Twitter is an indispensable resource for data scientists as well as for the broader data science community. With the right connections, you can use twitter to learn data science, discover new technologies, computational tools and methodologies, and you can contribute... Read more
Data Visualization & UX – Mark Schindler and Bang Wong ODSC Boston 2015
Data Visualization & UX from odsc Data Visualization is about helping people gain knowledge from data. The focus of this workshop is on approaches to turn data into actionable insights, combining heuristics for visual analytics with techniques from user-experience design. Participants will learn how to choose and create data... Read more
Thinking in Data Workshop – David Weisman ODSC Boston 2015
Thinking in Data Workshop from freshdatabos Read more
In Defense of Imprecision: Why Traditional Approaches to Data Visualization are Changing – ODSC Boston 2015
In Defense of Imprecision: Why Traditional Approaches to Data Visualization are Changing from freshdatabos In the worlds of research, science, and academia, much attention is given to precision, objectivity, and de-biasing data. The ability to “lie with data” is a legitimate concern. In business analytics, and the burgeoning area... Read more