Ted Dunning at ODSC Boston 2015
Anomaly Detection In a complex world of rapidly changing information, it’s not easy to find something that is rare – but it’s even harder if you do not know what to look for. In this webinar, Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman, authors of the O’Reilly ebook, Practical Machine Learning:... Read more
Think Breadth, Not Depth – Seong Lee ODSC Boston 2015
Think Breadth, Not Depth from odsc We’ve all been told to “work smarter, not harder.” But what does working smarter really mean? In the world of finance and trading, working smarter means working differently. None of us can compete against computers stacked inches away from the stock exchange or... Read more
Domain Expertise and Unstructured Date – William Macmillan & Evan Schnidman ODSC Boston 2015
Domain Expertise and Unstructured Data from odsc Data science allows us to turn a dark forest into a world of perpetual twilight by giving us the tools to better understand the data that surrounds us. Unfortunately, in this world of twilight we still need a flashlight to get a... Read more
Practical Mergic – Aaron Schumacher ODSC Boston 2015
http://bit.ly/PracticalMergic Combining data sets can be a huge pain, with possible problems both obvious and insidious. Aaron will present practical approaches for detecting and avoiding potential pitfalls, as well as rigorous and repeatable processes for generating merge tables through reduction to de-duplication. The focus will be on techniques for... Read more
Keeping Governments Accountable with Open Data Science – Cezary Podkul & Marc Joffe ODSC Boston 2015
Keeping Governments Accountable with Open Data Science from odsc Keeping Governments Accountable with Open Data Science: Extracting and Analyzing Municipal Financial Data from odsc Open data is enabling journalists, watchdog groups and investors to gain more insight than ever before into the finances of state and local governments. Unfortunately,... Read more
Data Science on a Budget: Maximizing Insight and Impact – Nicholas Arcolano PhD ODSC Boston 2015
Data Science on a Budget: Maximizing Insight and Impact – Nicholas Arcolano PhD from freshdatabos Talk Abstract Many companies have “big data”, but not every company has the resources (or need) for a big data team. In this talk we will discuss lessons I’ve learned from working as part... Read more
You Have The Data, Now What – Chris Lynch ODSC Boston 2015
You Have the Data, Now What? (Chris Lynch) – 2014 Boston Data Festival – from freshdatabos Read more
Using Data and Analytics to Make Elephants Dance – ODSC Boston 2015
Big Data 2.0 and Analytics 3.0 create an unprecedented opportunity for large companies to become as nimble and innovative as smaller companies by democratizing analytics and decision-making. However, success requires building an information culture, with an emphasis on bottom-up information-seeking and sharing – plus giving people the power to... Read more