TensorFlow Ecosystem for Efficient Deep Learning
Editor’s note: Amita Kapoor is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out her half-day training session, “Deep Learning with Python and Keras (Tensorflow 2),” there! Deep Learning today is a powerful and widely used tool for Artificial Intelligence and... Read more
How to Choose the Right Activation Function for Neural Networks
Every neural network needs at least one activation function to make accurate predictions. It’s at the heart of the processing capabilities. Choosing the right one can result in a precise, high-performance network consistently delivering the desired results. Data scientists can use an easy process to determine... Read more
Daniel Voigt Godoy on Deep Learning and Starting PyTorch
PyTorch has quickly been gaining steam as a leading deep learning framework, with many practitioners choosing it over TensorFlow as their go-to framework of choosing lately. Ahead of his upcoming Ai+ Training session, PyTorch 101, coming up this August 24th, we spoke with Daniel Voigt Godoy,... Read more
Large Scale Deep Learning Using the High-Performance Computing Libraries OpenMPI and DeepSpeed
Editor’s note: Jennifer Davis is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 coming this November. Be sure to check out her talk, “Large Scale Deep Learning using the High-Performance Computing Library OpenMPI and DeepSpeed,” there! This article covers the use of the message passing interface (MPI) and... Read more
Understanding Your Neural Network’s Predictions
Neural networks are extremely convenient. They are usable for both regression and classification, work on structured and unstructured data, handle temporal data very well, and can usually reach high performances if they are given a sufficient amount of data. What is gained in convenience is, however,... Read more
How a Neural Network Sees a Cat
As human beings, we know what a cat looks like. But what about neural networks? In this post, we reveal what a cat looks like inside a neural network brain, and also talk about adversarial attacks. Real and Ideal cat. Image on the left is from Unsplash... Read more
Portrait Depth API: Turning a Single Image into a 3D Photo with TensorFlow.js
Editor’s note: This article was reposted from the TensorFlow Blog with permission. To learn more about Web ML, be sure to check out Jason Mayes’ session at ODSC Europe 2022 titled “Next Generation Web Apps: Create a Machine Learning Powered Smart Cam in the Browser with... Read more
Practical Quantization in PyTorch
Quantization is a cheap and easy way to make your DNN run faster and with lower memory requirements. PyTorch offers a few different approaches to quantize your model. In this blog post, we’ll lay a (quick) foundation of quantization in deep learning, and then take a... Read more
Making Deep Learning Climate-Friendly
Deep learning is bringing many benefits to the world: solving the 50-year-old protein folding problem, detecting cancer, and improving the power grid. While there is so much that deep learning is powering, we also need to consider the costs. In the quest for more accurate and... Read more
Using Distillation to Protect Your Neural Networks
Distillation is a hot research area. For distillation, you first train a deep learning model, the teacher network, to solve your task. Then, you train a student network, which can be any model. While the teacher is trained on real data, the student is trained on the teacher’s outputs. It... Read more