3 Tools to Safeguard Images From AI Scraping
As our world becomes more digitally integrated, the ability to protect data and images has become an important topic. Individuals around the world are seeking effective ways to protect their personal data from being harvested and used without consent, especially in the training of Large Language... Read more
Highlights of the OpenAI’s New GPT Store
With OpenAI’s ChatGPT Store coming online this year, thousands of AI enthusiasts are flocking to the platform to create original chatbots based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) architecture. As you can imagine, a wealth of creativity has created chatbots for about any task. From graphic... Read more
Generative AI, Ethics, and Social Good
Editor’s note: Colleen is a speaker for ODSC East this April 23-25. Be sure to check out her talk, “Generative AI for Social Good,” there! The year since ChatGPT’s debut has seen marked increases in news coverage and adoption of generative artificial intelligence methods across industries.... Read more
6 Prompt Engineering Use Cases That Employers are Looking For
Recently, we posted an in-depth article about the skills needed to get a job in prompt engineering. We covered the knowledge needed, tools, frameworks, and programming languages that will help you get a job in this new field if you’re interested in it. Now, what do... Read more
Early Tremors: Assessing Generative AI’s Emerging Impact on Jobs and Incomes
In the summer of 1999, the Economist published a special report on “The Net Imperative.” It led with a bold prediction from Andy Grove, Intel’s chairman: “In five years, all companies will be Internet companies, or they won’t be companies at all.” Fast forward two decades,... Read more
5 Free Resources to Learn Generative AI and Prompt Engineering
Prompt engineering has become the Wild West of tech skills. Though the field is still in its infancy, there’s a growing list of resources one can utilize if you’re interested in becoming a prompt engineer. Even if that’s not a goal within itself, and you just... Read more
How Do AI Content Detectors Work?
AI content is everywhere. ChatGPT’s explosion in popularity has created a surge in AI-generated blogs, articles, emails, resumes, and academic papers. Naturally, AI content detectors have grown in response. Many schools and publications have used AI-driven plagiarism checkers for years. Now that it’s easier for people... Read more
Transforming Enterprise Search with Generative AI
Enterprises face a growing challenge: finding the right data quickly and efficiently. Most internal knowledge is hidden beneath the surface and scattered across many different applications. While traditional keyword-based search tools have long been the standard, they often fall short when it comes to understanding context,... Read more
Establishing Standards for Responsible Generative AI
With the rapid advance of AI across industries, responsible AI has become a hot topic for decision-makers and data scientists alike. But with the advent of easy-to-access generative AI, it’s now more important than ever. There are several reasons why responsible AI is critical as the... Read more
How Video Game GPUs Have Led to Artificial Intelligence
There’s a long history of video games and artificial intelligence. While most people know that AI has been trained to beat video games or compete against human players, or even be used to train reinforcement learning algorithms, not many are aware of the hardware side of... Read more