How Generative AI Has Become a Must-Have Skill
Many fail to understand that generative AI isn’t just a subfield within data science. Thanks to an expanding list of tools, it has become a must-have skill. You may be asking yourself, why that’s the case? Or you may not even believe you don’t need generative... Read more
8 Trending and New Large Language Models to Keep an Eye On
We’re hearing a lot about large language models, or LLMs recently in the news. If you don’t know, LLMs are a type of artificial intelligence that is trained on massive amounts of text data. This allows them to generate text that is often indistinguishable from human-written... Read more
Where Generative AI Stands in Privacy and Security Today
Generative AI is an innovative technology that excels at creating something new from a set of inputs and has taken a bold step into the world of data. It’s a tool capable of generating realistic text, producing creative artwork, or simulating real-world scenarios. Today, its role... Read more
AI Girlfriends and Other Ridiculous Examples of Using Generative AI
AI has been all the rage over the last year or so. Much of this is due to how it has impacted businesses, governments, and even art. But there are some interesting things outside of those scopes that have many puzzled, or outright perplexed. Though it’s... Read more
Origins of Generative AI and Natural Language Processing with ChatGPT
By now you’ve likely heard of ChatGPT, and the varying opinions surrounding it—people love it, people hate it, and people are afraid of it. It can generate a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, write a Broadway-style song about your kids, and create usable code. Joining in... Read more
5 Concerns for ML Safety in the Era of LLMs and Generative AI
The landscape of cybersecurity and machine learning safety changes constantly as new tools are developed and malicious actors get more creative. Cybersecurity professionals sometimes have a hard time staying current with all new technologies, and in turn, staying current with how attacks, phishing, and other cyberattacks... Read more
Faster Stable Diffusion Fine-Tuning with Ray AIR
In this blog post, we explore how to use Ray AIR to scale and accelerate the fine-tuning process of a stable diffusion model. When Stable Diffusion was released last year, it took the internet by storm: This magic machine learning model is able to convert a textual description into a... Read more
Unlocking Tabular Data’s Hidden Potential
Experience shows that tabular data is a highly valuable data source for sales, marketing, churn management, operations, and risk management, among other business use cases. Yet tabular data isn’t getting the attention it deserves, even though it often comprises the bulk of an organization’s data and... Read more
How Ray Solves Common Production Challenges for Generative AI Infrastructure
Generative image and language models promise to change how businesses approach design, support, development, and more. This blog focuses on the infrastructure challenges for supporting workloads production deployments around foundation models, and how Ray, a leading solution for scaling ML workloads, tackles these challenges. We finish with a roadmap... Read more
Reverse Engineering Image Prompts with PromptPerfect
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what words, damnit? If I see a stunning creation from Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2, how can I go about creating a similar prompt if I don’t know the arcane magic words the creator used? We launched PromptPerfect a while ago... Read more