5 Concerns for ML Safety in the Era of LLMs and Generative AI
The landscape of cybersecurity and machine learning safety changes constantly as new tools are developed and malicious actors get more creative. Cybersecurity professionals sometimes have a hard time staying current with all new technologies, and in turn, staying current with how attacks, phishing, and other cyberattacks... Read more
Faster Stable Diffusion Fine-Tuning with Ray AIR
In this blog post, we explore how to use Ray AIR to scale and accelerate the fine-tuning process of a stable diffusion model. When Stable Diffusion was released last year, it took the internet by storm: This magic machine learning model is able to convert a textual description into a... Read more
Unlocking Tabular Data’s Hidden Potential
Experience shows that tabular data is a highly valuable data source for sales, marketing, churn management, operations, and risk management, among other business use cases. Yet tabular data isn’t getting the attention it deserves, even though it often comprises the bulk of an organization’s data and... Read more
How Ray Solves Common Production Challenges for Generative AI Infrastructure
Generative image and language models promise to change how businesses approach design, support, development, and more. This blog focuses on the infrastructure challenges for supporting workloads production deployments around foundation models, and how Ray, a leading solution for scaling ML workloads, tackles these challenges. We finish with a roadmap... Read more
Reverse Engineering Image Prompts with PromptPerfect
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what words, damnit? If I see a stunning creation from Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2, how can I go about creating a similar prompt if I don’t know the arcane magic words the creator used? We launched PromptPerfect a while ago... Read more
Revolution of AI: Will ChatGPT Replace Search Engines in 2023?
The internet is full of exciting posts about how language assistants like ChatGPT will change everything. This starts with the claim that developers will allegedly no longer be needed and ends with the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) may soon wipe us out. In this article,... Read more
What Does ChatGPT Mean for Business? 
Recently, we’ve finally reached a turning point in conversational AI. With the newest language model called ChatGPT released to the public, we are likely to see significant changes in how businesses approach communication with clients and partners and content creation as a whole. In this article,... Read more
Five Ways to Safely Use Generative AI
As we have seen since mid-2022, generative AI such as text-to-image art, and other AI-powered tools have entered the mainstream. With these tools becoming even more user-friendly, with each iteration and their popularity growing, it’s clear that generative AI is here to stay. From workers using... Read more