Decision Intelligence and Why Goldilocks Made Bad Choices
Spoiler: Goldilocks survives. Let us first start by saying things could have turned out much worse. Really worse. Don’t walk into a stranger’s house and eat their food and nap in their house. This is just a no-brainer! In the real world when we make decisions there is a much... Read more
Using the NGBoost Algorithm
Data scientists competing in Kaggle competitions often come up with winning solutions using ensembles of advanced machine learning algorithms. One particular model that is typically part of such ensembles is Gradient Boosting Machines (GBMs). Gradient boosting is a machine learning method used for the solution of regression and classification... Read more
24 Evaluation Metrics for Binary Classification (And When to Use Them)
 Not sure which evaluation metric you should choose for your binary classification problem? After reading this blog post you should have a good idea. You will learn about a bunch of common and lesser-known evaluation metrics and charts to understand how... Read more
Classifying Rare Events Using Five Machine Learning Techniques
Machine Learning is the crown of Data Science; Supervised Learning is the crown jewel of Machine Learning. Background A couple years ago, Harvard Business Review released an article with the following title “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” Ever since its release, Data Science or Statistics... Read more
Highlighted Machine Learning Research of November 2019
As we enter into the holiday months, research and news tend to slow down. And yet, in November alone we found some really exciting work; here are the best six pieces of machine learning research in November we read. Conclusion-Supplement Answer... Read more
Machine Learning 101: Predicting Drug Use Using Logistic Regression In R
Executive Summary Generalized Linear Models (GLM) Three types of link function: Logit, Probit, and Complementary log-log (cloglog) Building a logistic regression to predict drug use and compare these three types of GLM In Machine Learning 101 courses, stats professors introduce GLM right after linear regression as the next stepping... Read more
XGBoost: Enhancement Over Gradient Boosting Machines
In the first part of this discussion on XGBoost, I set the foundation for understanding the basic components of boosting. In brief, boosting uses sequences of decision trees that seek to reduce the residuals of the prior tree. In other words, each new tree uses the residual of the... Read more
Best Machine Learning Research of 2019
The field of machine learning has continued to accelerate through 2019, moving at light speed with compelling new results coming out of academia and the research arms of large tech firms like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and many more. It’s a daunting task for the down-in-the-trenches data scientist to... Read more
Machine Learning for Education: Benefits and Obstacles to Consider in 2020
Want to learn more about how you can use machine learning for education within your organization? Attend ODSC East 2020 and learn from those who have made it happen. AI and Machine Learning are doing wonders in school education already.  [Related Article: Roles & Responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence in... Read more
How I Applied Machine Learning to Real Life for Planning My Trip to Hong Kong
Oh, yes, the joy of traveling. Walking unknown paths, eating strange and weird-looking food, and getting lost in the city. Yet, as fun and adventurous getting lost is, every now and then, we’d appreciate having some sort of guide or idea to know where to go next. In a... Read more