The Paladin, the Cleric, and the… Reinforcement Learning?
Data science and artificial intelligence are everywhere. So are video games. It’s no surprise that it was only a matter of time until people started getting creative with combining the two in unique ways. And no, I’m not talking about improving in-game AI (because clearly, Skyrim... Read more
Up Your Game with OpenAI Gym Reinforcement Learning 
Reinforcement learning is currently one of the most promising methods in machine learning and deep learning.  OpenAI Gym is one of the most popular toolkits for implementing reinforcement learning simulation environments. Here’s a quick overview of the key terminology around OpenAI Gym.  https://gym.openai.com/videos/2019-10-21--mqt8Qj1mwo/LunarLander-v2/original.mp4 Source What is... Read more
Show Me the Data: 8 Awesome Time Series Sources
Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart cities, e-health, autonomous machines, and other innovations, time series datasets are being produced in even more massive quantities. It can be used for econometrics, trend detection, pattern recognition, predictions, and is an essential ingredient in statistics, machine learning, and... Read more
Concept Drift 101
Our world is constantly changing and what’s considered true and obvious today may not be so tomorrow. This is particularly true in the world of machine learning models. The objective of machine learning models is to extract patterns from past data and use them to predict... Read more
First Steps Before Applying Reinforcement Learning for Trading
There are many methodologies in algorithmic trading — from automated trade entry and close points based on technical and fundamental indicators to intelligent forecasts and decision making using complex maths and, of course, artificial intelligence. Reinforcement learning here stands out as a Holy Grail — no... Read more
Top Machine Learning Talks Coming to ODSC Europe 2021
Machine learning and deep learning are cornerstones of the data science industry. As such, not only is it important to have a firm foundation in these topics, it is essential to keep up-to-date on the latest advancements. At ODSC Europe 2021 this June 8th-10th, there will... Read more
Federated Learning 101 with FEDn
Training good machine learning models requires access to good data. The problem is that most of the data in the world is not accessible to use when training machine learning models. Data cannot be moved or shared based on privacy concerns, regulatory constraints, or infrastructural reasons.... Read more
From Leader to Laggard: Four Areas Machine Learning is Disrupting Wall Street
Well-funded financial institutions are in a perpetual tech arms race, so it’s no surprise that machine learning is shaking up the industry. Investment banking, hedge funds, and similar entities are employing the latest machine learning techniques to gain an edge on the competition, and on the... Read more
Auto-Sklearn: AutoML in Python
Machine learning is the driving force of modern technology and smart applications. While highly efficient methods and implementations are broadly available, their successful application is hard. It is hard because a myriad of design decisions have to be made correctly before an ML pipeline achieves peak... Read more
Binary Logistic Regression Overview
Predictive modeling (or machine learning) can be challenging to understand and use because there is no one algorithm that would work the best for every problem. Therefore, you have to apply different methods for your prediction, evaluate their performance, and only then select the strongest algorithm.... Read more