Top Data Engineering Talks from ODSC East 2020
It’s one thing to build a Machine Learning model, it’s another thing to effectively deploy it in your business. To navigate the challenges of moving Machine Learning models through production and deployment, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of MLOps and Data Engineering. It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that... Read more
Free Download: The ODSC Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine learning is arguably the most popular starting point for anyone looking to get into data science, and where many organizations start to implement AI into their practice. With AI becoming commonplace in much of the world, even the term “machine learning” itself is starting to become common knowledge.... Read more
AI-Driven Methods for Detecting and Preventing Online Fraud
Today’s fraudsters leverage increasingly sophisticated techniques to infiltrate networks and cause harm. From distributed DNS attacks to fake accounts, account takeovers, credential stuffing, and card cracking, their methods are varied and hard to detect — let alone preventing online fraud. Fraud can have a tremendous financial impact on an... Read more
10 Python Image Manipulation Tools
Our world today is full of data and images form a significant part of this data. However, to be put to any use, these images need to be processed. Image processing is thus the process of analyzing and manipulating a digital image, primarily aimed at improving its quality or... Read more
Getting more Value from the Pandas’ value_counts()
Data exploration is an important aspect of the machine learning pipeline. Before we decide which model to train and how many to train, we must have an idea of what our data contains. The Pandas library is equipped with a number of useful functions for this very purpose and value_counts is... Read more
Unsupervised Learning with k-means Clustering With Large Datasets
When facing difficult problems with datasets, choosing the right model for the task often proves to be the most difficult task in ML. When we are given an unfamiliar set of features to represent, it can be a somewhat puzzling prospect. Then we have to get our hands dirty... Read more
A Deep Dive into H2O’s AutoML
The demand for machine learning systems has soared over the past few years. This is majorly due to the success of Machine Learning techniques in a wide range of applications. AutoML is fundamentally changing the face of ML-based solutions today by enabling people from diverse backgrounds to use machine... Read more
Deploying a Text Classification Model in Python
This article is the last of a series in which I cover the whole process of developing a machine learning project. If you have not read the previous two articles, I strongly encourage you to do it here and here. The project involves the creation of a real-time web application that gathers data from several newspapers... Read more
Explore Fundamental Concepts of Reinforcement Learning
Imagine that you want to learn to ride a bike and ask a friend for advice. They explain how the gears work, how to release the brake and a few other technical details. In the end, you ask the secret to keeping your balance. What kind of answer do... Read more
What is Federated Learning?
The field of machine learning is constantly evolving, sometimes slowly, and at other times we experience the tech equivalent of the Cambrian Explosion with rapid advance that makes a good many data scientists experience a serious case of imposter syndrome. Take the case of a new iteration of machine... Read more