Gauging the State of the Economy with News Narrative and Sentiment
Advances in natural language processing have allowed to quantify the intuitive yet elusive notion of sentiment expressed in text and to test its predictive power in relation to changes in social systems.  Studies in cognitive sciences as well as economics have found that unsettling narrative preceded events such as... Read more
Suppose we have the following excerpt from a news article: We want to identify within the article the following key elements (entities): – Actor — who/what are the main actor(s) in the conflict referred to in this article? – Action — what is the main action or event of a conflict in this... Read more
Upcoming Live Training: NLP Fundamentals with Leonardo De Marchi
I had the pleasure of presenting at eight ODSC events so far. Every time, there is something special on the trip: San Francisco, Boston, London, and so on. Eventually, I started understanding these cities bit by bit, conference by conference, restaurant by restaurant. But what is really special in... Read more
Responsible AI: Interpret-Text
Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have a growing impact on people’s lives on an every-day-level, thus it is fundamental to protect people, understand models, and control ai systems. While machine learning (ML) services are constantly developing, Microsoft emphasizes the ethical principles that put people first, meaning that employees are working to ensure... Read more
Assessing Text Through Bag of Words Model in Natural Language Processing
According to McKinsey, NLP accelerates the synthesis of various non-automated processes by 60% and has a great impact especially in the field of healthcare Natural Language Processing (NLP) has become an important part of modern systems. It is used extensively in search engines, conversational interfaces, document processors, and so on.... Read more
AI-Driven Methods for Detecting and Preventing Online Fraud
Today’s fraudsters leverage increasingly sophisticated techniques to infiltrate networks and cause harm. From distributed DNS attacks to fake accounts, account takeovers, credential stuffing, and card cracking, their methods are varied and hard to detect — let alone preventing online fraud. Fraud can have a tremendous financial impact on an... Read more
Unsupervised NLP: How I Learned to Love the Data
Michael is a speaker for the ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference this April 14-17. Be sure to check out his talk, “Developing Natural Language Processing Pipelines for Industry,” there! There has been vast progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the past few years. The spectrum of NLP has... Read more
Exploratory Data Analysis for Natural Language Processing: A Complete Guide to Python Tools
Exploratory data analysis is one of the most important parts of any machine learning workflow and Natural Language Processing is no different. But which tools you should choose to explore and visualize text data efficiently? In this article, we will discuss and implement nearly... Read more
Intermediate Topics in Neural Networks
This article is the second in a series of articles aimed at demystifying the theory behind neural networks and how to design and implement them for solving practical problems. In this article, I will cover the design and optimization aspects of neural networks in detail. The topics in this... Read more
Natural Language Processing Guide: 30 Free ODSC Resources to Learn NLP
NLP, as with many other topics within data science, involves many skills, tools, languages, frameworks, and more. The ODSC Guide to Natural Language Processing is our compendium of 20 free resources for you to get started with NLP, including videos from past ODSC NLP presentations, tutorials, articles, and more.... Read more