Setting up a Text Summarization Project
When OpenAI released the third generation of their machine learning (ML) model that specializes in text generation in July 2020, I knew something was different. This model struck a nerve like no one that came before it. Suddenly I heard friends and colleagues, who might be interested... Read more
How Good is Your NLP Model Really?
The pipeline for an NLP project (or any ML project, for that matter) consists of several steps, including data processing, model training, and deployment. Another step that should be involved between model training and deployment is model evaluation. Only after evaluating a newly trained model should we... Read more
GPT-3: Propelling Businesses in the Natural Language Processing Era
Developers worldwide have been left astonished after only tinkering with Open AI’s GPT-3 natural language processing model, labeling it a vanguard product in the natural language processing (NLP) space. Last year, OpenAI first described the state-of-the-art GPT-3 model in a research paper, “Language Models are Few-Shot... Read more
Minerva Singh on Social Media Mining and Business Applications
Editor’s note: Minerva Singh will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. Text analytics, social media mining, and web scraping are... Read more
Which is the Best Neighborhood For Opening a Thai Restaurant in Singapore- A Business Use Study
Editor’s note: Minerva will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. The city-state of Singapore is a vibrant and culturally diverse... Read more
The ODSC Warmup Guide to fastText
fastText is a lightweight Python library that was created to build scalable solutions for text representation and classification. It works on standard and generic hardware, smartphones, and small computers by utilizing functionalities that can reduce the memory consumed for fastText models. In recent years, fastText has... Read more
Editor’s note: Xiang Ren, PhD is a speaker for ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out his talk, “Teaching Machines through Human Explanations,” there! Neural models achieve strong performance in a wide range of NLP tasks, such as text classification, reading comprehension, summarization, etc., at the... Read more
Creating Word Clouds from Text
Word clouds are a useful visualization tool. They show the most frequent words in a text, where the relative size of the word correlates with frequency. This is an example word cloud: Word clouds are useful for at least two purposes: An initial exploration of text... Read more
24 Useful Open Datasets for Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing forms the foundation of innovation in artificial intelligence. We want machines that sound like us, understand us, and take on tasks previously only possible through human interaction. As a result, the company or developer that finally cracks the language code will usher in... Read more
Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC West 2021
Recent years have seen the rapid advancement of NLP, making it difficult for all but the most dedicated to stay abreast of all the new developments, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies. To help you stay current with the latest advances in NLP, ODSC West is hosting several... Read more