Just Enough Theoretical Underpinnings for NLP
Editor’s note: Chengyin Eng is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out her talk, “Evolution of NLP and its Underpinnings,” there! “How do you say good morning in Spanish?” – This is an early research example in the field of Natural Language... Read more
4 Things You Should Know About Conversational AI
Technology has always been geared toward convenience and improving the quality of life for mankind. One of the ways of achieving this is through a better understanding of the human mind–their actions, behaviors, and tendencies. One of the results of this pursuit is conversational AI. Nowadays,... Read more
ODSC East Warmup Guide to spaCy
spaCy is an open-source library used for advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python. spaCy is primarily used in the production environment for building applications that can process and understand large volumes of text. It is a fast library with an API that accesses the methods... Read more
40 NLP Platforms and Skills That Employers Are Looking For in 2022
NLP is in right now. As the world struggles with COVID-19 still, companies are finding more use for chatbots, conversational AI, and so on. Just as we did with data engineering skills, we looked at over 20,000  NLP job descriptions to find the most in-demand NLP... Read more
Emily Dickinson and the Meter of Mood: An Experiment in Text Analysis
Article by Jen Looper, Principal Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft on the Next Generation Team. I tie my Hat — I crease my Shawl — Life’s little duties do — precisely — As the very least Were infinite — to me — I put new... Read more
Analysis of Emotion Data: A Dataset for Emotion Recognition Tasks
Emotion Recognition is a common classification task. For instance, given a tweet, you create a model to classify the tweet as being either positive or negative. However, human emotions consist of myriad emotions and cannot be constrained to just these three categories. On the contrary, most... Read more
Setting up a Text Summarization Project
When OpenAI released the third generation of their machine learning (ML) model that specializes in text generation in July 2020, I knew something was different. This model struck a nerve like no one that came before it. Suddenly I heard friends and colleagues, who might be interested... Read more
How Good is Your NLP Model Really?
The pipeline for an NLP project (or any ML project, for that matter) consists of several steps, including data processing, model training, and deployment. Another step that should be involved between model training and deployment is model evaluation. Only after evaluating a newly trained model should we... Read more
GPT-3: Propelling Businesses in the Natural Language Processing Era
Developers worldwide have been left astonished after only tinkering with Open AI’s GPT-3 natural language processing model, labeling it a vanguard product in the natural language processing (NLP) space. Last year, OpenAI first described the state-of-the-art GPT-3 model in a research paper, “Language Models are Few-Shot... Read more
Minerva Singh on Social Media Mining and Business Applications
Editor’s note: Minerva Singh will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. Text analytics, social media mining, and web scraping are... Read more